Soros-speak: ‘I have eliminated “the West” from my vocabulary,’ says top Merkel adviser

by WorldTribune Staff, September 28, 2021

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

The globalists are dropping more explicit hints as to what they are up to.

Christoph Heusgen

In a rather stunning public acknowledgment, veteran German diplomat Christoph Heusgen, who “served as foreign policy adviser to… Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2005 to 2017,” had the following exchange during an interview with the popular German magazine Der Spiegel on Sep. 23 (bold added throughout this article):

DER SPIEGEL: Was Afghanistan a defeat for the West?

Heusgen: I have actually eliminated the term “the West” from my vocabulary.


Heusgen: From my point of view, it is no longer about a dispute between the West and the East today, but between states that adhere to a rules-based international order, to the United Nations Charter, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and those that do not. These principles are not Western, but universal. The West has become a negative fighting word that the Russians and Chinese use against us, along the lines of: The West is yesterday’s news.

[Hat tip to Darren Beattie’s Revolver site for posting the interview on the day Merkel’s “center right” Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party performed poorly at the polls. Wonder why?]

WorldTribune has reported extensively on this “rules-based international order” globalist mantra. In February, installed President Joe Biden personally pledged U.S. fealty to it at the Munich Security Conference, an elitist gathering considered by many to be more influential than Davos.

Biden’s address, delivered virtually, was meant as a strut to celebrate a promise he made at Munich in 2019 that populist nationalist President Donald Trump would be disposed of and the internationalists would be back in charge in America once again:

And two years ago, as you pointed out, when I last spoke at Munich, I was a private citizen; I was a professor, not an elected official. But I said at that time, “We will be back.” And I’m a man of my word. America is back.

I speak today as President of the United States at the very start of my administration, and I’m sending a clear message to the world: America is back. The transatlantic alliance is back. And we are not looking backward; we are looking forward, together.

This is the same orbit inhabited by Christoph Heusgen. Here is Heusgen featured at the 2020 Munich Security Conference, specifically discussing the concept of “Westlessness” – which defines “The West” as the “rules-based international order” regardless of geography.

Yes, that is a retired four-star U.S. Marine Corps general promoting globalism alongside Heusgen. James Jones is a former national security adviser to Barack Obama who is now executive chairman emeritus at the Atlantic Council, the think tank that played an active role in the 2019 Ukraine telephone call impeachment coup against Trump.

This is what was discussed at their Munich talk: populist nationalists are enemies of the rules-based order:

As the liberal interpretation of the West meets growing resistance from an illiberal and nationalist “counter-West,” the question of what precisely holds the West together has become a matter of fierce debate….

Yet, in order to reinvigorate liberal principles and the role of the West in the world, Western countries first have to defend and promote them at home. Growing populism, participants argued, cannot be confronted without a concerted effort to restore societal cohesion and fight inequality within the West itself.

A heavily connected retired U.S. general participated in this conversation. How scary is that?

Heusgen is a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, which is funded by:

George Soros’s Open Society Foundations

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund

It is vital to understand that by defining “The West,” a term that apparently is now to be discarded, as they do, the globalist purveyors of the “rules-based international order” are defining citizens of Western nations who do not accept trans-nationalism as enemies of the state.

They have, in fact, put this in writing.

The lead item for the official “Munich Security Report 2020” bears that chosen title of “Westlessness.” This document specifically labels white Christian nationalism a dire threat to democracy.

It also officially declares the traditional nation-state to be an anachronism cherished only by hateful disciples of a bygone past:

In this context, a nostalgia-inspired return to homogeneous nation-states becomes a powerful force. As Donald Trump put it in his address to the UN General Assembly in 2019: “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.” For those defending the long dominant liberal definition of the West, in contrast, it is precisely the rise of illiberalism and the return of nationalism that put the West at risk.

We now know the FBI played a leading role in the Capitol Hill unrest on Jan. 6 that has been blown up into a mass “insurrection” by Trump supporters by the dominant press.

Besides helping to ensure the fraud-tainted removal of Trump from the White House, the event served this cherished globalist goal of branding those who oppose the new internationalist order as dangerous enemies who must be crushed in the name of “democracy.”

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