Trump: ‘Very smart fascists and communists’ are running the country

by WorldTribune Staff, September 7, 2023

A Wall Street Journal poll released on Monday found 73 percent of respondents believe 80-year-old Joe Biden is “too old to run” in 2024.

Donald Trump on Joe Biden running in 2024: ‘Look, anything’s possible, but when I watch, his body is shot, and his mind is worse.’

Polling from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released late last month found 69 percent of Democrats believe Biden is too old to effectively serve a four-year term that would being on Jan. 20, 2025.

During an interview on Wednesday with radio host Hugh Hewitt, former President Donald Trump was asked if he believed Biden was going to be the Democrat nominee:

“Look, anything’s possible, but when I watch, his body is shot, and his mind is worse,” Trump told Hewitt.

“And yet, he seems to want to do it. And I hope he does it. But he seems to want to do it. But you take a look at him, and he’s not running government. People that are surrounding him, who are very smart fascists and communists, those are the people running our country,” Trump added.

If he gets back to the White House — and Democrats, the deep state, and major media are doing all they can to stop that from happening — Trump promises to do what he says “Republicans have always been afraid to do,” lock up what he says are the corrupt Swamp inhabitants out to destroy him and his movement.

Trump wrote in a Truth Social post:


Right now Republicans in Congress and the Senate have to get tough, and put everything together in one big, neat package, because I will be President in one and a half years, and we will pick the strongest, toughest, and most respected Attorney General, and if guilty, we will put them all in jail where they belong, just as they are trying to do to me based on NOTHING.

They spied on my Campaign, Impeached me twice, had the Russia, Russia Hoax, the Fake Dossier Hoax, FISA Fraud, Election Fraud, the “No Collusion” Mueller Hoax, and so much more. I was innocent on all counts. If I am elected, they will be brought to JUSTICE, something that Republicans have always been afraid to do.

Attorney Lin Wood, a Trump supporter who has also had the deep state “lawfare” guns pointed at him, noted that communists always go after the “voices advocating for freedom.”

Wood said in a social media post: “Was January 6 a Deep State false flag/psyop designed to be a vehicle to attack President Trump and suppress the god-given right of We the People to peacefully assemble and protest wrongdoing and tyranny???

“It sure has been used to attack President Trump. And I also do not see anyone peacefully assembling to protest the unjust persecutions of those who lawfully sought an investigation of the November 2020 election.

“In communist countries, the communists attack the voices advocating for freedom and prosecute the opponents of communism. Welcome to Communist America!!!

“Enjoy your football games and vacations!!! Pay no attention to communism. Unless you love freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!!! Restore the Republic!!!”

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