Team Biden releases large number of single adult migrants in Brownsville, Texas

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 28, 2022

Team Biden’s narrative that it is transporting mostly unaccompanied migrant children to reunite with family members is not supported in Brownsville, Texas, where large numbers of mostly single adult males are being dropped off to take them to destinations throughout the country.

No women or children were seen among the group of migrants released by ICE in Brownsville. / @BillFoxLA / Twitter

A group of young male immigrants were filmed by Fox News getting off buses in Brownsville after being released by ICE on Tuesday.

After getting off the buses, the migrants were reportedly taken by taxis to Harlingen Airport, roughly 250 miles away from San Antonio, where the men were flown to places like Houston, Miami, and Atlanta.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted in October that, “It is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly reunited with a parent or a vetted sponsor.”

No women or children were seen among the migrants in Brownsville on Tuesday.

Some of the migrants reportedly said that they paid $2,000 to cartel smugglers to illegally cross the border, Fox News reported.

Almost 180,000 migrants crossed the U.S. southern border in December. About 75,000 crossed the border in December 2020.

A senior border patrol agent, who recently retired, told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that “what is happening on the border is being purposely done by the Biden administration and their hands are tied behind their backs.”

“We keep screaming. Like look at this: Look at a processing center, look at the border, look at all this, but nothing is done,” the agent told the Hannity show. “All we do is cleaning up and moving people around. We sign up to protect this border, to protect this nation. And we are not being allowed to do that.”

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