State Farm rides out outrage over trans kids advocacy, but many major brands just as culpable

Special to WorldTribune, May 27, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Being a toxic culturally Marxist neighbor finally caught up with capitalist behemoth State Farm this week as the insurance company found itself caught fast in a Woke mousetrap of its own construction.

Newsweek reported:

Insurance company State Farm said [May 23] that it would dissolve its relationship with The GenderCool Project, an organization that supports transgender and non-binary youth, after facing backlash from some customers.

The company said it would no longer support the organization after some customers and staff members became concerned that it was providing LGBTQ-themed books to schools and public libraries.

In fact, State Farm has aggressively aligned itself with radical groups promoting the sexualization of kids for years.

World Tribune detailed in July 2019:

[A] State Farm executive is a key player in a highly influential pro-homosexual organization that is a leading force behind many of the rabidly insane legislative proposals being reported out of California in recent years….

State Farm was listed as a “Statewide Sponsor” of Equality California in its 2014 annual report (see last page, back of report). But the intimate ties run even deeper.

Cathy Schwamberger, State Farm Associate General Counsel, is Co-Chair of Equality California’s Board of Advisors. In 2018, she was honored for her “leadership in the fight to advance LGBTQ civil rights and social justice at the organization’s annual Sacramento Equality Awards.”

An example of Equality California’s idea of “social justice,” backed by State Farm, can be found in the state’s alarming new guidelines on sex education in public schools. According to a Fox News report:

 “Ultimately, California’s finalized framework [on sex-ed in schools] tells teachers that students in kindergarten can identify as transgender and offers tips for how to talk about that, adding ‘the goal is not to cause confusion about the gender of the child but to develop an awareness that other expressions exist.’

“The document also gives tips for discussing masturbation with middle-schoolers, including telling them it is not physically harmful, and for discussing puberty with transgender teens that creates ‘an environment that is inclusive and challenges binary concepts about gender.’”

Dismissing parental objections, Equality California is an enthusiastic champion of the new guidelines. “We don’t believe any of this will prime students to do anything they wouldn’t normally do,” Equality California communications manager Josh Stickney told the Sacramento Bee. “It’s important to dispel myths and stigma around sex health for the LGBT community. That starts with awareness and sex education.”

Fast forward to today. Equality California has partnered with Planned Parenthood on a bill introduced by notorious Democrat state Sen. Scott Wiener to make California a “refuge state” for transgender kids:

Wiener is an especially obsessive advocate of two things: the full buffet of the libertine sexual cultural revolution and allowing children to be freed from parental authority in order to be legally granted the same personal agency as grown adults.

Promoting transgender children is a constant for him.

Observe how Wiener, once he puts his coronavirus photo-op mask in place, ghoulishly hovers over this poor child like a malevolent spirit in the air:

Also present at the presser is Tony Hoang, Equality California’s Executive Director.

The child involved here, Ryland Whittington, was “accepted” as transgender by her parents at the age of 5.

She has been used as a high-profile prop for a demented ruling establishment agenda since 2014, when she was 6. From a 2015 CNN article:

“Transgender” essentially means having the body of one gender and the brain or the mind or the spirit of the opposite gender, said Darlene Tando, a licensed clinical social worker and gender therapist who also appears in “Raising Ryland.”

“So being transgender means you have something other than what everyone assumed you were based on how you were born, what body you were born in,” said Tando, who also writes a blog about gender issues.

The Whittingtons no longer have a daughter. They have a son.

Here’s the NHL supporting the coordinated campaign in 2021:

State Farm seems to have pulled away as a sponsor of Equality California since 2019 after years of continuous support.

The radical organization isn’t sweating it. A slew of big-brand corporate sponsors have joined the fight to sexualize the youngest and most vulnerable of Americans.

Among sponsors to Equality California’s San Francisco Equality Awards, held May 20, one can find prominent names such as “Leadership Sponsors” Amazon, Southwest Airlines and Uber.

“Statewide sponsors” include Comcast, Farmers Insurance, Google, Meta (i.e., Facebook) and Tito’s Vodka.

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers are also listed in other sponsor categories.

The group’s Sacramento Equality Awards, held March 22, reveal Anheuser-Busch, Chevron, United Airlines, Walmart and Wells Fargo as corporate partners.

Equality California’s 2020 annual report lists Coca-Cola as a “statewide partner” and the Coca-Cola Foundation as an “institutional funder.”

Like its close ally Scott Wiener, Equality California focuses on kids to advance its sexual agenda.

Equality California is an official “Endorsing Organization” of efforts to sexualize children via the reprehensible Real Education and Access for Healthy Youth Act, legislation that has the perpetual backing of high-profile Democrats in Washington, who re-introduce it on an annual basis.

WorldTribune reported in May 2021:

The candor displayed in the May 18 official statement from New Jersey Democrat Sen. Cory Booker is remarkable. The failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate is not attempting to hide exactly what he is using his senatorial position to advance: 

[The Real Education and Access for Healthy Youth Act] would offer the first federal grants for comprehensive sex education programs in the United States and end investments in harmful Title V abstinence-only programs. These grants would fund programs at high schools, colleges, and organizations to support the sexual health and agency of students and young people. This legislation would also require program grantees to promote gender equity and offer instruction that is inclusive of young people with varying gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

Equality California is plugged into a very powerful network of corporate, political and institutional foundational support. Make no mistake, the group has friends in high places.

State Farm is doing damage control this week over its support for warping the souls of America’s children. Please keep the other companies named here in mind as well when you make your various consumer purchases.

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