San Francisco welcomes alleged bioterrorist as conquering hero

by WorldTribune Staff, November 15, 2023

This is not Beijing. It is San Francisco today, Nov. 15, 2023.

The city of leftists cleared out the homeless, washed off the poop-encrusted sidewalks, and rolled out the communist red carpet to welcome alleged bioterrorist Xi Jinping, the supreme leader of China.

According to The Associated Press, Xi began his first visit to the United States in six years after Joe Biden “said he aimed to restore normal communications with Beijing” despite the regime’s threatening behavior towards its neighbors, rapidly-expanding strategic military forces and horrific human rights abuses.

But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has already made it clear that Xi will demand acceptance of the communist system from what he sees as a weakened U.S. administration.

Citing Chinese state media, reported on Tuesday that Xi is going to demand concessions from Biden on trade and exports, and more importantly the acceptance of both the CCP’s ideology and its international behavior.

Xi and Biden were slated to meet on Wednesday during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

The Chinese leader’s “three principles” include a demand for peaceful coexistence with the U.S. and “win-win” cooperation as preconditions for improved ties with Washington.

Miles Yu, a State Department policymaker on China during the Trump administration and former contributing editor, said Xi‘s principles are actually a coded demand that the United States tolerate “China’s disrespect for global order, rule of law, and belligerence toward its neighbors.”

China “will never accept losing to its competitors, for that would mean the demise of the communist dictatorship,” said Yu, now director of the Hudson Institute’s China Center. “This is what Xi Jinping means when he repeatedly says that all aspects of the U.S.-China bilateral relationship are nothing but a matter of a life-or-death struggle.” reported in July that the Jerusalem Post had cited a Wuhan researcher as saying that communist China created the Covid virus as a “bioweapon.”

Chao Shao asserts that the virus was deliberately engineered by China as a “bioweapon,” and that his colleagues were tasked with identifying the most effective strain for spreading, the report said.

Xi “did so by using a bioweapon and bribes to eliminate the leader who opposed him.” Xi replaced President Donald Trump with Joe Biden “who he bought off a few years earlier for a lousy few million dollars. And that is how “Red China won Cold War II,” Don Surber wrote in a July 3 column.

Now Xi, who as a fresh-faced 32-year-old had visited San Francisco (see below), is back to meet up with the politician he “bought off.”

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