Republicans at the border groan when asked if they would shut down the government

by WorldTribune Staff, January 4, 2024

A group 64 House Republicans representing 26 states gathered in Eagle Pass, Texas on Wednesday at what House Speaker Mike Johnson described as the “epicenter of the crisis we’re having at the border.”

Sounds serious. Is it finally time for action?

A reporter punctured the balloon when he asked if they would shut down the government if Team Biden refuses to close the border.

The group’s collective dismay is recorded on the CSPAN video below at about 23:15.

“Here’s the deal on the shutdown,” Johnson said. “We are working hard to get the appropriations bills done,” adding later that negotiations with the Senate and White House “are still ongoing.”

Johnson went on to say priority number one was to get the border “closed and secured.”

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Johnson’s comments did not elicit a lot of enthusiasm outside of his group:

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk noted: “While standing in front of Biden’s open border, Republicans refused to answer a simple question from Ben Bergquam if they would shut down the government, collectively groaning. WEAK!”

The correct answer, Kirk added, is: “We’re $34 trillion in debt and 302,000 illegals invaded in December alone — 100% yes. Shut the border down, or we’ll shut the government down. Next question.”

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec noted: “Democrats are kicking Trump off the ballot in key states. Republicans won’t even commit to close the border. Who do you think will win?”

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