Report: Biden’s border ‘conveyor belt’ still secretly distributing illegals to Anywhere, USA

by WorldTribune Staff, June 1, 2022

On May 20, a federal judge in Louisiana ruled that the Biden administration must continue expelling border-crossing aliens under Title 42.

That ruling has proven to be no imposition at all for Team Biden, which is continuing the expansion of its “conveyor belt” of buses and airplanes “that are distributing thousands of previously expellable border crossers into American cities out of ear shot or sight of the American public,” the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported on June 1.

Migrants board a bus in Del Rio, Texas.

CIS reported that it had recently witnessed Team Biden’s immigration conveyor belt in action during a visit to the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector, one of nine along the southern border where Title 42 expulsions are still supposed to be happening.

Reporting for CIS, Todd Bensman noted the immigration group “recently observed seven-days-per-week bus and plane transports into America’s interior from the Del Rio Sector and learned that these operations are not only spiking, but likely evidence of a border-wide development. The likely culprit is that, in Del Rio Sector and likely other busier Texas Border Patrol sectors, single adult aliens and families from South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East came in greater numbers on news that Title 42 would be ended, and then discovered the Biden administration was exempting them from the expulsion policy in any case.”

CIS also discovered that the Biden administration is giving free passage to significant numbers of a new nationality that has discovered the Title 42 loophole. About 500 Peruvians a week are hopping on Team Biden’s immigration conveyor belt, a senior Border Patrol official told CIS. Peru recently elected a communist government and is experiencing food riots.

“DHS is permitting so many to stay that chartered bus services in Del Rio, as well as American Airlines planes at the nearby Del Rio International Airport, now move them into America for hours on end seven days per week,” Bensman noted.

Tiffany Burrow, operations director at the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition, a non-profit immigrant assistance organization of volunteers, said her organization has been helping immigrants from more than 30 non-Mexican countries make their way in rising, almost overwhelming numbers to Florida, New Jersey, New York State, Oregon, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, California, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Burrow said Border Patrol brought to her group 5,028 illegal border-jumpers from 33 different countries in March, the most in her organization’s history for a single month. The nonprofit helped transport another 9,000 into the country in April and May.

CIS observed the conveyor belt in action in Del Rio, where incoming Border Patrol buses leave their passengers fresh from processing stations right next to outbound Greyhound buses.

“The incoming and outgoing buses dance like this in the parking lot for hours every day, Title 42 apparently posing no obstacle whatsoever for the lucky beneficiary groups,” Bensman noted.

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