Peter Navarro arrested by FBI after defying Jan. 6 committee subpoena

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 3, 2022

Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro was arrested by the FBI on Friday, reports say.

Peter Navarro / C-SPAN

The bureau was acting on a referral from the Democrat-run House that held him in contempt for refusing to testify before the partisan January 6 Committee, Breitbart News reported.

CNN on Friday cited the U.S. Attorney’s office as saying Navarro was in custody.

The arrest came one day after Navarro appeared on leftist MSNBC to promise that he would lead efforts to promote the impeachment of Joe Biden if Republicans take Congress in the midterm elections.

Former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler, who worked under Navarro, posted on Telegram:

My thoughts on my former boss getting indicted:

I told you last January about all of this. The Junta requires complete submission to the regime. They are coming after me. They want to indict me next.

The best thing you can do is 1) retake county elections and 2) support Marco Polo.

Ziegler head the Marco Polo research group which recently published a searchable database of all emails on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop computer.

Navarro is among several witnesses who have sued the committee in federal court, claiming that it is violating the separation of powers by performing a law enforement function, and that it has violated the terms of its own enabling resolution.

In a draft lawsuit that Navarro circulated, the former Trump trade adviser said “two FBI special agents banged loudly on my door in the early morning hours” on May 26 and served him a subpoena signed by Matthew Graves, the U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C.

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