Payback: ISIL branch calls on Muslims to kill Russian ‘apostates’

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A terror group based in Russia’s Northern Caucuses region has called on Muslims in the country to kill Russian “apostates.”

Caucusus Province jihadists.
Caucusus Province jihadists.

Caucasus Province, which pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in June 2015, has also vowed to attack President Vladimir Putin and implement Sharia law in Russia.

In a video titled “Profitable Trading” released by the ISIL affiliate on March 5, the group’s fighters urged Muslims in Russia to join them, claiming that “the Caliphate is already here.”

The video, the first released by the group since it joined ISIL’s ranks, begins with a news report from Russian TV about a deadly Feb. 15 car bombing in the town of Dzhemikent in Dagestan province which killed two Russian police officers.

The video later presents Abu Abdurahman as the Caucasus Province jihadist who carried out the attack and he speaks about the importance of “striking the apostates.”

The group’s deputy emir, Abu Yasser, is also seen in the video calling on Muslims in Russia to emigrate to the “province” and join it, and if they cannot do so – “target the apostates wherever they are, using a rope or a knife.”