Ohio editor, Big Media boil it down for shrinking audience-share: Trump is evil; Get over it; Vote Biden

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 2, 2024

Was a professional “newsman’ with the requisite symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome looking for national attention?

Amid the declining clout of traditional media, Cleveland Plain Dealer Editor Chris Quinn got a call from CNN and threw caution to the wind:

Orange man bad.

MAGA is a club for neanderthals.

Jan. 6 was worse than the Civil War.


Vote Biden.

In an earlier weekend letter to readers, Quinn typed: “Trust your eyes. Trump, on Jan. 6, launched the most serious threat to our system of government since the Civil War. You know that. You saw it. … This is not subjective. We all saw it. Plenty of leaders today try to convince the masses we did not see what we saw but our eyes don’t deceive us.”

In his CNN call-up, Quinn explained why he wrote the letter to readers about the Plan Dealer’s anti-Trump coverage:

This was a very challenging piece to write. It actually took me almost six months to get my thoughts together. I get two kinds of correspondence from Trump supporters and one is not nice. It’s very condescending and sneering. And I kind of chalk that up to people who had felt left out of society. Donald Trump gave them a club to participate in. And there’s nothing I can say or do to help them understand what we’re doing.

But the other half write me with great courtesy and implore me for an explanation. They say, ‘You are dismissing a large segment of the country when you say that Donald Trump is the monster you describe him as and I don’t see him that way. What do you say to me?’ These are people that watch Fox News or Newsmax and they believe it because they — it appears credible. Then they come to our platforms and see the opposite and they’re conflicted because they like us. They read us for the sports coverage or the local news, or what have you.

This was for them. I had to, I owed them some sort of an explanation. And the reason it was so difficult is I don’t want to demean them. I don’t want to criticize them. But I can’t stray from the truth. The truth is this guy is a monster. He’s the worst president in history and many people understand that. Those who get their news from not credible sources believe what they’re hearing.

Brent Baker, vice president of research and publications for the Media Research Center (MRC), explained why the MRC chose Quinn as its weekly Liberal Media Scream: “With his smug moral superiority, Quinn encapsulates everything that’s wrong with modern journalism. He’s decided what ‘the truth’ is and his readers better get on board. No wonder fewer and fewer are buying local newspapers. They’ve become just as insulting to their readers as the national media have been for decades. Incredulous that anyone could see Trump as a better president than Biden.”

Honor their memory: The ‘shot heard round the world’

Meanwhile, one White House correspondent noticed something about the 2024 fundraising war.

On the same day Trump was attending the wake of slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, Biden was hauled in to a glitzy Radio City Music Hall party featuring Barack Obama and Bill Clinton that raised some $26 million for the Democrat campaign.

Today News Africa chief White House correspondent Simon Ateba noted:

I was forced to watch @CNN from the waiting room, and they are praising Biden, Obama, and Clinton for raising $26 million in NYC yesterday, almost as if money would buy 2024. It seems they have nothing else to show today.

They go over their words, their swag, their glasses, the money, how it gives Biden an unmatched advantage; it’s propaganda to the highest level. It was like being tortured.

Trump has raised less money than Biden, but recent polls show him pulling ahead even without money as he is forced to spend on indictments and other legal fees as well as hefty fines while the other side campaigns. May God help us. ….

Ateba also pointed to a Seth Meyers video in which he compressed 7 years of alleged crimes/sin of Trump into a single monologue rant:

Seth Meyers, like 90 percent of the mainstream media, is against Trump. Daily, their shows from MSNBC to NBCNews to CNN to ABC to New York Times, to Washington Post, to Huffington Post, to Politico, to The Atlantic repeat the same. Yet, they don’t do the same for Biden!! It’s one-sided!!! They can list a billion ‘crimes’ that Trump has reportedly committed. Yet, they cannot find or refuse to find anything Biden has committed wrong! This is what people listen to daily. Those who try to be like myself and a few others find it hard to be heard. May God help us.

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