Not a joke: CDC numbers reveal the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is very real

by WorldTribune Staff, February 2, 2024

The CDC has released data which shows that in September of last year there were more migrant encounters at the southern border than births in the United States.

“They’re quite literally replacing us. This is a feature, not a bug,” Libs of TikTok wrote in posting the CDC data on X on Jan. 31.

Did the CDC reveal that the “Great Replacement Theory” isn’t just some wild conspiracy?

Revolver News noted: “The latest CDC figures show a clear and disturbing picture: Biden’s administration is effectively swapping us out with a surge of illegals, whom they’re grooming to be their new voting bloc.”

As the migrants continue to stream in, legacy media acts as the Biden regime’s “bodyguard and will quickly label anyone discussing the replacement theory as ‘racist’ or laughingly dismiss them as a ‘Q-kook,’ ” Revolver News added. “But these numbers tell a different story and reveal what’s really going on.”

When Joe Biden was installed in the White House in January 2021 his team immediately went to work to reverse President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, especially those that effectively stopped the flow of illegals into the country.

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Daniels agrees that if Biden wanted to solve the border crisis, he could. But he doesn’t want to. Why? The answer is likely found within those CDC numbers.

Many observers say that the clues proving the Great Replacement Theory is in full force are everywhere:

Skeptics may want to look at the next two clips. In the first, during the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, Biden says exactly what he will do at the border:

In the second, from 2015, then-Vice President Biden lays out his immigration policy with Alejandro Mayorkas right beside him:

Revolver News concluded: “What’s happening at the border is a deliberate strategy. It’s the only plausible explanation for why Biden would dismantle effective Trump policies and then claim he’s powerless to change the situation. We all see through that. Combine that with his own words and agenda, plus the staggering numbers of illegal immigrants flooding in, and ‘The Great Replacement Theory’ starts to seem less like fiction and more like a page right out of Joe’s playbook.”

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