N. Korea accelerates the learning curve for its dictator-in-waiting

Special to WorldTribune.com from East-Asia-Intel.com

SEOUL — North Korea is abbreviating the grooming period for 28-year-old Kim Jong-Un, the youngest son of current leader Kim Jong-Il, a lawmaker said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's youngest son Kim Jong-Un attends a Lantern Festival concert in Pyongyang on Feb. 17. AP/Xinhua

As part of efforts to shorten the learning curve, Kim Jong-Un practiced controlling the military during his father’s overseas trips, Hwang Jin-Ha from the Grand National Party said, citing military intelligences in Seoul.

Hwang refused to elaborate, but East-Asia-Intel.com reported in August [http://www.east-asia-intel.com/eai/2011/08_24/6.asp] that Kim Jong-Un was believed to have imposed an emergency system for closer surveillance on the Workers’ Party and the military to prevent any possible political unrest during Kim Jong-Il’s week-long trip to Russia.

Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Army Ri Yong-Ho assisted Kim Jong-Un in controlling the country while his father out of the North, it said, citing a South Korean source.

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