Mispronouncing Kamala is ‘racist’ … unless Joe Biden does it … which he did

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 13, 2020

He did it again. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a favorite target of the leftist media for some time, went and offended the woke inhabitants of “news rooms” nationwide in unforgivable fashion one more time on Thursday.

What exactly did Carlson do?

He mispronounced Kamala, as in the first name of Joe Biden running mate Kamala (comma-la) Harris.

The Washington Post quickly whipped up an article on just how intentionally disrespectful Carlson was. CNN had an entire segment on it.

Others said it was blatant “racism” on Carlson’s part.

“The failure to correctly pronounce Harris’ name — especially among those whose jobs it is to know — is just a racist dog whistle being used to belittle Harris, who is Black and Indian-American,” screeched Refinery29.

But the story doesn’t end there (well, it does for the major media).

Turns out Joe Biden himself had trouble pronouncing Kamala (comma-la).

Carlson showed a clip of Biden mangling the pronunciation, and burst into laughter.

“It’s just too awesome! Just when you think darkness is descending, old Joe Biden shows up, and the sun begins to rise. Rescued again by Joe Biden. Thank you, Joe. What a bigot,” Carlson said.

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