Kash Patel, Part I: Russiagate was a crime, not a hoax: ‘Mob-style conspiracy takedown of an election and a president’

FPI / November 14, 2021

Trump insider Kash Patel drew on his first-hand grasp of the facts in a wider-ranging interview with the Washington Exposé podcast on FreePressers.com. The hosts noted that Patel has been in the Left’s crosshairs ever since helping expose the truth about the relentlessly-disseminated Russiagate narrative while working on the team of House Intelligence Committee chairman/ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes.

Before Kash Patel served in the Trump White House as deputy assistant to the President for Counterterrorism, he was the “lead investigator” on the House Intelligence Committee probe which “picked apart the entire lie” of the Russia hoax.

Russiagate was a “criminal enterprise” orchestrated from the top and special counsel John Durham “has a lot more coming,” Patel told the WashingtonExposé.com podcast hosted by veteran DC communications strategists Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward.

Kash Patel

Patel noted that at the time he worked for Nunes “I hadn’t met Donald Trump, or talked to Donald Trump, or campaigned for Donald Trump … whatever we find, we’re putting it out,” he stipulated at the outset. Nunes, Patel said, agreed “100 percent.”

Patel said that, in 2017 when he joined the Republican team on the Intelligence Committee, “thankfully then we had the majority so Devin was the chairman and we had 14 strong Republicans on the committee willing to go after the truth.”

“The memo that we wrote, we had a great team … and the best way was to put out ‘their’ words,” Patel said.

“Go put out the FBI’s documents, go get their witnesses, go get their bank records. Follow the money as I’ve always said. And that was the basis of the Nunes memo. We didn’t make it up, we put evidence in there that was given to us under sworn testimony. And we put evidence in there that was given to us by the FBI, for example the Bruce Ohr 302, the Christopher Steele source document reporting. That was all of their information.”

Patel continued: “We knew it was true then. We knew it was always going to be true. But we had to get past the largest circus animal in the world in Adam Schiff.”

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Asked if the entire FBI/CIA is rotten just from the top or through-and-through, Patel said 99 percent of those who work for the agencies are not rotten, noting the work he did as a terrorism prosecutor for 16 years under Obama’s Justice Department as an example “which you’ll never hear about … and that’s just the point. We sign up to serve the mission, not to advertise it like Adam Schiff and his rodeos.”

In the investigation of Russiagate, Patel said, “what we did was target the actual culprits. And, unfortunately, it was the top. … It turned out that Comey and McCabe and the names you now know, Fusion GPS, Strzok, the DNC and the Hillary campaign, all of the top levels of the government and the IC (intelligence community), Brennan and Clapper, they actually orchestrated this thing.”

Patel continued: “They orchestrated it in a fashion to take down a president during an election cycle and then even after he was elected president and after office. So we said, look no one’s going to believe us if we tell you this story … This is going to make Watergate look like, I mean I don’t even know what the appropriate analogy is. This drowns Watergate.”

While Watergate ended with “some serious criminal convictions,” Patel said “I think we’re getting there” with the investigation and indictments by special counsel John Durham. So “working out a way to get people to believe” what Nunes and his team were investigating “was a hard message to drive. And Devin said, look we have to go out there ever day and show the American people the work we’ve done. We’ve been doing it for five years now and we have an inspector general to validate our entire findings. … And now we’ve got John Durham on the loose and I think he’s got a lot more coming.”


As for those who insist the Durham investigation will only result in a few small charges of lying to the FBI, Patel told Washington Exposé: “It’s not the Russia hoax, that’s an insult to the word hoax. It’s a criminal enterprise. It is a mob-style conspiracy takedown of an election and a president. … There are too many actors outlined in the John Durham indictments, three of them we’ve seen so far and more coming.”

Those at the top of the IC were the ones who “ran this thing,” Patel noted. “They didn’t have their minions … run this thing. The director of the FBI, the deputy director of the FBI, the deputy director for counterintelligence. They took it to a willing DOJ at the top and then bamboozled an attorney general to grease this thing into the FISA court.”

As for FISA warrants, which were signed off on based on the bogus Christopher Steele dossier to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page, Patel said, as a former prosecutor, “we need these things all day, if they’re used in the proper way. … But James Comey made J. Edgar Hoover look like Mickey Mouse. He thought, ‘we’re never going to get caught, no one’s ever going to look under the hood of the FISA process. I’m going to sign these warrants … and we’re going to unveil the biggest criminal enterprise in American history.’ That was their ethos. And they were so brazen about it that the lovebirds (Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) texted each other non-stop about their hatred for Donald Trump.”

Patel went on to say: “Would you want a member of your family or friends circle to be investigated by the FBI and thrown up on a surveillance warrant by false information presented to the FBI from your opponents, and they got paid to do so. Then the FBI took that information and intentionally ran with it. Would you want a surveillance warrant to go up on your family member based on that? And the answer is universally no, absolutely not. And that’s exactly what happened to Donald Trump and his campaign.”

[To “really understand” what transpired during Patel’s time working to expose the lies of Russiagate, he pointed to the 2020 documentary “The Plot Against the President“. “We’re still pissing off Bezos that it’s the No. 1 documentary on Amazon Prime to this day,” Patel added.]

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