Kansas Sen. Marshall: Biden ‘replacing American cities one caravan at a time’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 9, 2022

A massive caravan of up to 15,000 migrants is heading for Team Biden’s open border.

The caravan on Monday departed Tapachula on the Mexico-Guatemala border, according to local reports. Many of the migrants are from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. Other migrants in the caravan hail from Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and even India, Bangladesh and some African countries.

Migrants on the march in Chiapas.

Kansas Republican Sen. Roger Marshall said that Team Biden “is creating this crisis.”

“Despite a caravan larger than my hometown nearing our border, Joe Biden is moving forward with firing thousands of border patrol agents over their COVID vax status. Biden is replacing American cities one caravan at a time all while lowering our defenses,” Marshall said.

Organizers said that the caravan measures over three miles long and that “people keep on joining.” Organizers also said that the caravan had hit a police checkpoint manned by the Mexican National Guard, immigration officials and state police, but said the authorities let the caravan through “freely.” Organizers said they were marching after Mexican officials refused to give them temporary work visas.

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs tweeted: “15K migrants are headed to our southern border right now. Biden is doing absolutely nothing to stop this invasion.”

The new caravan comes as the U.S. has seen a massive influx in attempted border crossings in Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

In April alone, border officials reported a new high of 234,088 encounters, with just under 97,000 people summarily expelled under Title 42 and more than 110,000 released into the U.S.

Luis Villagran, an organizer of the caravan currently making its way to the U.S. border and director of the non-profit Center for Human Dignification, said: “This is the largest mass human migration I have seen in at least the past 10 years.”

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