Iranian who crossed Biden’s open border: ‘Nothing’ stopping terrorists from entering U.S.

by WorldTribune Staff, January 7, 2024

An illegal immigrant from Iran who crossed Joe Biden’s open border said terrorists can easily do the same.

In a Saturday interview, Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam asked the illegal alien: “What was the route you took from Iran?”

A number of terrorists have likely already crossed the U.S. southern border, an Iranian migrant said.

“Turkey to Mexico, Mexico to U.S.,” he answered.

“So what is it that would prevent a terrorist from doing the same thing?” Bergquam asked.

“Nothing,” the man answered.

The man said the Biden Administration is ignoring Islamic radicalization in America, telling Bergquam that there are “lots of terrorists” in the United States who have come through the border. He added that he expects the terrorists will carry out acts of violence.

Arizona rancher Jim Chilton, told Fox News Digital he is concerned about the potential terrorist infiltration at the southern border. He also said he had experiences of encountering MS-13 members and cartel activities on his ranch, emphasizing the need for enhanced border security and the completion of the border wall.

“We have no security on our ranch nor in most places along the border anymore. It’s not good. It’s not better in any sense. It’s still outrageous,” Chilton said. “I’m very concerned that terrorists are coming across the border.”

Chilton continued: “We have cartel scouts on our mountains.” The cartels “really have control of everything. It’s a method of controlling where everybody goes. It’s a method for opening up other routes for crossing really bad guys, drug packers.

“You shouldn’t give a message to the world that the border is open, and all you have to do is come through, and you’ll get processed, captured, and released into the United States,” Chilton said. “It’s a national security issue.”

Bergquam has reported extensively on the crisis at the border and how Team Biden is billing taxpayers to fly the migrants to destinations across the country.

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