Inquiring minds ask: Why aren’t GOP AGs indicting Biden and Mayorkas for human trafficking?

by WorldTribune Staff, August 21, 2023

The Biden administration’s immigration policies give preferential treatment to families over single adults. Well aware of this at Biden’s open border, human traffickers often pair up minor children with strangers and send them across the border together. “You don’t have a kid? I’ll provide a kid,” is how one border patrol agent described the mentality of the smuggling rings.

Former Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Human trafficking is the second-fastest growing criminal industry in the U.S. Trafficking victims are used against their will for a variety of reasons, among them: forced labor, sexual exploitation, crime, and marriage,” Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn said earlier this year. “Girls and women are at particular risk of human trafficking for sex and prostitution. Females account for 94 percent of victims of sex trafficking, and two out of every three child trafficking victims worldwide are girls. Thirteen years old is the average age at which a child is sold for sex. That is absolutely horrifying.”

Many of the children are placed with strangers as sex slaves. Team Biden is literally delivering them “into the hands of evil,” Shane Harris wrote for the Association of Mature American Citizens on May 30.

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Stephen Miller, a top immigration adviser in the Trump White House, said that the massive human trafficking trade that the Biden team’s policies are fueling gives Republican district attorneys an opening to indict Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

So why aren’t they?

As it so happens, the one Republican attorney general that could very well have moved to hold Biden and Mayorkas accountable for the border crisis they created has been impeached — former Texas AG Ken Paxton.

Revolver News noted: “Ken Paxton is probably the only Attorney General courageous enough to challenge the regime. If he was able, would he go after Biden and Mayorkas right now? Of course he would. This is the guy who sued the Biden administration many different times, including for forcing abortions in Texas and also over a phone app that increased illegal immigration into the country.

“In fact, Paxton has taken legal action against the Biden administration more than twenty times. Now, Ken finds himself unable to stop the tyranny that’s flowing like lava through Main Street USA, destroying everything in its path. Coincidence? Maybe, but most conservatives don’t buy it. They think this was a planned move from the regime that was carried out by the uniparty.”

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As reported in late May, the ambush impeachment of Paxton was led by RINO Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, was backed by 60 of the 85 Republicans in the 150-seat chamber, all of the chamber’s Democrats, and was applauded by all of the Biden regime media.

It was an “undemocratic assault on the will of the voters,” John Schlafly and Andy Schlafly wrote for the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organization. “As pointed out during the brief debate on the Texas House floor, there was no justification for concealing the plot to remove Paxton from office until shortly prior to the vote.”

Phelan “kept this under wraps until the end, there wasn’t a lot of time for Paxton’s defenders to react,” said Rice University political scientist Mark Jones.

The 20 articles of impeachment filed against Paxton ranged from bribery to abuse of public trust. The allegations include attempts to interfere in foreclosure lawsuits, improperly issuing legal opinions to benefit real estate developer Nate Paul, and firing, harassing and interfering with whistleblowers on Paxton’s staff.

Critics of the impeachment ambush say it was not what Paxton allegedly did, but who he is allies with and what he was investigating.

Paxton is a staunch America First ally of former President Donald Trump.

Social media users were well aware of the score in Texas:

“I believe the Bush’s are behind the Paxton impeachment.”

“All the AG’s are watching what’s happening to Paxton, and saying ‘No thanks.’ “

“Ken Paxton would but has has an impeachment trial.

“I’m sure Biden already thought of that and that’s why he had Paxton impeached.”

“Republicans are cowards. The only guy with the balls to fight is getting impeached right now.”

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