In new interview, Biden stands with Hamas in Israel’s war

by WorldTribune Staff, May 9, 2024

Joe Biden on Wednesday reversed long-standing U.S. policy by saying he would halt precision weapons shipments to Israel if the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) moves deeper into the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, which is the last stronghold of the Hamas terror organization.

During an interview on CNN, host Erin Burnett stated: “I want to ask you about something happening as we sit here and speak and that of course is Israeli striking Rafah. I know that you have paused shipments of 2,000-pound U.S. bombs to Israel due to concern that they could be used in any offensive on Rafah. Have those bombs — those powerful 2,000-pound bombs, been used to kill civilians in Gaza?”

Joe Biden said he has made it clear to Israel that he would withhold key weapons shipments if the IDF moves into the “population centers” of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. / Video Image

Joe Biden: “Civilians have been killed in Gaza as the consequences those bombs and other ways in which they go after population centers. And I made it clear — [COUGHS] — that, if they go into Rafah — they haven’t gone into Rafah yet — if they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities, that deal with that problem. We’re going to continue to make sure Israel is secure in terms of Iron Dome and their ability to respond to attacks like — came out of — the — in — the Middle East recently. But it’s — it’s — it’s just wrong. We’re not gonna — we’re not gonna supply the weapons and the artillery shells used that have been used.”

Burnett: “Artillery shells as well?”

Biden: “Yeah, artillery shells.”

Burnett: “So, just to understand what they’re doing right now — [BIDEN COUGHS] — in Rafah is that not going into Rafah as you [inaudible].”

Biden: “No, they haven’t gotten in the population centers. What they did is right on the border and it’s causing problems with — right now — [COUGHS] — in terms of what Egypt — which I’ve worked very hard make sure we have a relationship and help but I’ve made it clear to Bibi and the war cabinet. They’re not going to get our support if, in fact, they go into these population centers.”

Former U.S Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said in response to the Biden interview: “Biden has now said expressly that he will cut off weapons to Israel if Israel invades Rafah. Let’s be brutally clear here — Israel cannot defeat Hamas without entering Rafah, where Hamas maintains four fully functioning battalions. Biden is siding with Hamas over Israel — there’s no other way to say it. And to those who say he is protecting the Palestinian people, I call BS. Hamas is a far greater enemy of the Palestinians than is Israel. Hamas is the cause of their suffering. Palestinians will continue to suffer until Hamas is eradicated. And, as for the hostages held by Hamas (including Americans), this betrayal of Israel makes their release much more difficult. Biden continues to fail on every tough foreign policy call. And it’s all to gain the votes of self-hating Americans.”

Donald Trump wrote in a Truth Social post:

Crooked Joe Biden, whether he knows it or not, just said he will withhold weapons from Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas Terrorists in Gaza. Hamas murdered thousands of innocent civilians, including babies, and are still holding Americans hostage, if the hostages are still alive. Yet Crooked Joe is taking the side of these terrorists, just like he has sided with the Radical Mobs taking over our college campuses, because his donors are funding them. Biden is weak, corrupt, and leading the world straight into World War III. Remember – this war in Israel, just like the war in Ukraine, would have NEVER started if I was in the White House. But very soon, we will be back, and once again demanding PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers said Biden’s move was obviously being made to appease Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib in Michigan, where Muslims make up a large portion of the voting bloc.

“President Biden has broken his ‘ironclad’ commitment. While his appeasement has failed to halt terrorist attacks in the Middle East, he has no right to withhold ammunition from our greatest ally in the region. There should be no wavering in U.S. support for Israel as they defend their right to exist and fight to bring Hamas-held hostages home,” Republican Sen. and Member of the Armed Services Committee Joni Ernst said in a statement. “As he plays politics with these lives and abandons American civilians to Iran-backed terrorists, the Biden administration fails to admit the munitions he is denying are the precision tools needed to prevent civilian casualties. Even though this president is trying to talk out of both sides of his mouth, I will continue to hold him accountable to his previously stated belief that providing arms to Israel is critical.” editor Katie Pavlich noted: “Given there are approximately 8,000 Hamas terrorists in Rafah, where hostages are also reportedly being held, the declaration allows Hamas to stay alive and forces Israel to lose the war.”

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