Idaho nurse: Covid patients ‘are not dying from Covid, they’re dying from the treatments’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 29, 2021

A nurse in Idaho said that Covid patients at her hospital are dying from Covid treatments and not from the virus.

The nurse said patients are presenting with a myriad of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, including heart problems, blood clots, and blood disorders.

The nurse also noted that, prior to the vaccines becoming available, 1 in 5 patients arriving at her hospital had Covid. After the vaccines, “every single patient” coming to the hospital had Covid and very few of those were unvaccinated, she said.

The Covid treatments being administered at the hospital, including the Anthony Fauci-pushed drug remdesivir, are not working and some patients are dying from the treatments and not the virus, the nurse said.

If not taken within the first three days, the nurse said, remdesivir “does nothing for Covid,” and yet “they give course, after course” of it and the patients “end up with all kinds of organ failure” and other issues.

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