Happens to us all? Biden says ‘everybody knows someone’ who has used naked photos in blackmail attempts

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, March 17, 2022

When was the last time you or someone you know used naked photos to blackmail someone?

It’s quite common, according to Joe Biden.

Biden said so during remarks on Wednesday at an event celebrating the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

“How many times have you heard – I bet everybody knows somebody somewhere along the line, that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then literally blackmails…that person.. send it out online.”

In all fairness, the guy’s mind is mush.

Do Biden’s comments pass the sniff test?

Maybe, just maybe, in a rare moment of clarity he was perhaps alluding to someone he is close to?

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