Goodbye Vince Lombardi, hello Charles Koch: Green Bay police chief assures illegal aliens

Special to WorldTribune, November 16, 2021

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

This is the face of treason in America today.

A stunningly frank police admission in a small city in northern Wisconsin: The department wants to actively work with illegal aliens to keep them safe from deportation.

Green Bay recruited Police Chief Chris Davis from Portland, Oregon earlier this year. / Video Image

Green Bay. To most Americans, especially sports fans, the name has a special resonance. It reminds them of small-town football, the Packers, Vince Lombardi, mom and apple pie.

But today’s Green Bay is a radically different town. And a major inundation by Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal, has played a significant role in the transformation.

News item: Crawling Green Bay police chief promises illegal aliens his officers are not going after them (bold added throughout this article):

Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis assured a mostly Hispanic audience on Friday evening [Nov. 12] that local police officers were not assisting with the detainment of undocumented people nor would they go after unlicensed drivers who were otherwise abiding by basic traffic laws.

Over 20 members of Green Bay’s Hispanic community joined a discussion led by the new Green Bay police chief to confront and dispel rumors, and to clarify where the chief stood on driver’s license policies, immigration and public safety.

“It’s not lost on me that people are nervous (about me),” Davis told the audience. “There’s fear that I’m going to come here and we’re going to go backwards. I don’t want us to go backwards.”

This is an intentional police effort to normalize life for illegal aliens in Green Bay:

Before August 2016, if a law enforcement officer pulled over someone who lacked a driver’s license, the unlicensed driver’s car would be automatically towed, per the department’s policy.

Under former Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith, there was a sea change in traffic policy once he and his officers began meeting with the Hispanic community to hear their concerns.

While Smith eased this policy, it remains state law that, without proof of legal presence in the U.S., a person cannot obtain a driver’s license. And while Smith’s leeway has made it easier for undocumented people to drive to work, drop their children off at school and go grocery shopping without fear of being ticketed and having their cars towed, it remains a concern for the community.

Smith’s policy is one that Davis said he would continue.

Shockingly a police commander outright declares that it is better for everyone involved if an illegal alien is not deported from Green Bay:

Commander Kevin Warych said if unlicensed drivers are pulled over, “it’s important not to run.” He warned that unlicensed drivers need to take care of the ticket and can receive assistance by working with Casa ALBA and the police department.

 “If they do nothing, then it turns into a warrant, then they go to jail, then they get their name put on an ICE detainer list,” said Warych in reference to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. “If their name is never on that list, it’s good for everyone.”

Meanwhile, the police chief regrets that he can’t say it is perfectly fine for illegal aliens to drive a car in Green Bay. He presents no concern whatsoever over the lethal threat such drivers, many of whom don’t understand English at all and thus cannot read road signs, pose to the citizens of his city:

“I don’t have the authority to say that it’s OK to drive without a valid driver’s license in Wisconsin. While I’m happy to have that policy conversation from my perspective, and I’ll be really clear with what I think,” Davis said. “But unfortunately, I can’t ever say that it’s OK to drive without a license.”

From there, things get even more deranged:

“l don’t have a problem with Green Bay police officers working with federal partners to enforce federal gun laws, because I have a gun problem to deal with in Green Bay. I don’t have a problem with Green Bay police officers working with federal authorities to enforce federal drug laws because we have a problem with overdose deaths — people are dying as a result of that activity,” Davis said. “Immigration is not one of those things. That’s a regulatory issue that is not directly related to any public safety problem in this community.”

Again, he pledges to illegal aliens that the local police are on their side:

“You should not have anything to fear from talking to a Green Bay police officer when it comes to immigration stuff,” Davis said. “That’s not our job.”

“Just remember the blue uniform,” Warych said. “Green Bay Police wear blue. ICE wears brown.”

Davis’s novel idea of policing reflects the massive population changes that have hit Green Bay in recent years. There has been a Hispanic wave:

Back in 2010, Brown County’s population totaled 248,007, a majority of which (about 85%) were white.

The release of the data shows a sea change in demographics, at the county, state and national levels. For the first time on record, the United States’ white population declined over the last decade.

In Brown County, the white population grew by .04%, the lowest by far of any other demographic. Still, the white population represents the majority, making up about 75% of Brown County’s 268,740 residents.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic/Latino population is now the second largest demographic in the county at 26,216. That is a percentage growth of 45.8% from a decade ago.

This didn’t just happen. It has been fueled by a lust for cheap labor. Blame “liberals” all you want. Corporate greed did this to Green Bay.

The Badger Institute is a group that champions “free markets,” i.e., it loves the cheap labor that comes with massive immigration. Watchdog website Influence Watch notes that it has received significant funding from the formerly fake conservative (the pretense does not serve a purpose anymore and is now being discarded) Charles Koch Foundation.

The Badger Institute used to be known as the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. In 2008, WPRI issued a report titled “The Economic Impact of Immigration on Green Bay.”

The paper acknowledged the deleterious effect that massive Hispanic immigration had on the city:

Short term the Hispanics are providing low-income workers that help Green Bay’s economy. On the other hand, there is little doubt that the taxes they pay do not equal the amount that local government spends on them. The best example of this is public education. The children of immigrants put an enormous financial pressure on local public school systems. Tax payments from immigrants do not come close to matching education allocations….

Nevertheless, the institute loved it:

Why would anyone go to a northern climate from a place like Mexico unless they were serious about economic opportunities and are willing to fill entry-level jobs? More to the point, as Wisconsin’s population ages we will need these immigrants in our future workforce to keep our economy vibrant. In that respect the impact of immigration on Green Bay may place it in the most advantageous position of any Wisconsin city. They have a work base for the future, and it is not clear that other cities in our state will be able to match Green Bay.

The institute is aware that its lust for cheap labor has radically altered the very nature of life in Green Bay:

Over the past 15 years, the city of Green Bay has been transformed by immigration. From negligible proportions in 1980, the foreign-born and Hispanic populations of Green Bay grew steadily through the 1990s, and had established a significant community presence by the 2000s.

How aware? Fully. The report even quotes an ordinance passed by Green Bay officials in the summer of 2007 to shut down businesses that employ illegal aliens:

The unlawful employment and crime committed by unauthorized aliens harm the health, safety and welfare of citizens of the City of Green Bay. Unauthorized aliens cause dramatic adverse economic effects for our hospitals and schools thereby relegating legal residents to substandard qualify of care and education, depressed wages, burdening of other public services, increasing costs while decreasing availability to legal residents, and diminishing overall quality of life.

How did we get from this strong official city warning against illegal immigration to Green Bay police officers openly pledging their devotion to illegals in less than 15 years?

The answer is to be found in this truly repulsive “Economic Impact” conclusion from the Badger Institute report:

[W]hatever the negative impact on workers, Green Bay businesses have benefited from the availability of inexpensive labor, and Green Bay consumers have benefited from the generally lower prices for goods and services that inexpensive labor makes possible. On balance, then, whether one deems illegal immigration an economic plus or minus for Green Bay’s economy probably depends on one’s economic position: as a low-skilled worker in competition with illegals for entry-level work; as a more skilled worker promoted to a higher-paying supervisory position, with illegals under his or her supervision; or as a local business or consumer whose dollars stretch further because of the availability of cheap, illegal labor.

This is how a nation is destroyed.

And this is precisely why Republicans running for major office need to be fully vetted by America First voters.

Case in point: The Badger Institute loves Scott Walker’s former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, an announced 2022 candidate for governor, and vice versa.

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