Fifth Third Bank canceled research group that indexed Hunter Biden laptop

by WorldTribune Staff, May 6, 2024

The practice of U.S. financial institutions “de-banking” certain customers because of their religious or political views has become a problem that Republican attorney generals in several states are investigating.

The Marco Polo research group, which published the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop in an online database, was targeted in one of the latest incidents of “de-banking” by woke institutions.

Just five months after opening an account with Fifth Third Bank, Marco Polo received a letter on the bank’s decision to “close this banking relationship.”

The reason, the letter explains, is that the account relationship exceeded “the Bank’s risk appetite.”

“Predictably (and pathetically), Lurline aka Lee Ferris — the emissary for Fifth Third Bank’s president who delivered the news — refused to elaborate on which aspect of our checking account ‘exceed[ed] the Bank’s risk appetite,’ ” Marco Polo founder Garrett Ziegler noted in a May 3 report.

“Lurline was unable to specify any provision of the account agreement we had supposedly violated. In effect, it’s fair to state that not only is Ferris one of the many cowardly foot soldiers ushering in economic Bolshevism, but she is also not a very good sophist — you’d think she would have at least come up with an excuse, however ridiculous, before calling & writing to us,” wrote Ziegler, who was an aide in the Trump White House.

Ziegler also noted that Joe Biden’s former colleague in the U.S. Senate, Evan Bayh, is a “Senior Advisor” to Fifth Third Bank’s Board of Directors.

“Furthermore, Joe appointed Bayh to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board just a year before Fifth Third Bank canceled us,” Ziegler added.

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