Globalist Soros backs Ukraine, appears to push for wider war

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, February 27, 2022

Amid a dizzying blizzard of contradictory narratives about Russia and Ukraine, George Soros wants to make one thing perfectly clear: He supports Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Why is the billionaire globalist, who has close ties with Biden Sec. of State Antony Blinken and poured a ton of cash into transforming the American criminal justice system by funding leftist district attorney candidates, so interested in Ukraine?

George Soros

“Soros interfering with the business of sovereign nations is nothing new,” Jordan Epperson wrote for Big League Politics on Feb. 27. The question is what he is really up to?

“Of course he can cloak his true intentions by arguing that he wants the Ukrainian people to stand up to the invading Russian force and that he’s simply defending democracy or whatnot, but it’s always much deeper than that.”

Epperson explained: “Soros is the definition of a globalist and the very idea of a sovereign and prideful nation pains him to the core…. Russia on the other hand is the complete opposite.”

Ukraine, particularly under current President Volodymyr Zelensky, has skewed significantly toward globalism. Zelensky has publicly announced his support for Ukraine’s entry into NATO and the European Union.

Under Vladimir Putin, Russia reversed the process of opening to the West that began in the 1990s and is “re-nationalizing much of its industry and paving a road for the country to be self-dependent,” Epperson wrote.

Of course, Soros who is no fan of the pro-freedom trend in several East European nations, is going with Ukraine.

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“Typically, the billionaire doesn’t simply voice his support for a cause, he uses his massive wealth to enact his will upon the world,” Epperson wrote.

“Whether this means financial aid to Ukraine or perhaps lobbying efforts for war in western nations is unclear, it is almost certain that George Soros intends to do more than simply voice an opinion.”

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