Hungary’s leader credits border wall and Trump, condemns Soros ‘mafia’ and ‘media they operate’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 23, 2017

Leftist billionaire George Soros is working with European Union officials to establish a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe,” Hungary’s prime minister said on July 22.

“We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. “And, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. / Reuters

Orban, who will seek a fourth term in April 2018, charged that NGOs funded by Soros seek to weaken Hungary’s security with their advocacy for asylum-seekers and said Hungary had managed to stop the “migrant invasion” with razor-wire fences on its borders with Serbia and Croatia.

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Orban said Hungary would continue to block Soros and the EU from increasing Muslim migration to Europe.

Hungary opposes immigrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity,” Orban said, adding that “Western European Christians will always be able to find security” in his country.

Hungary’s government has accused Soros of pushing for a one million migrant influx to Europe through his NGOs. Zoltan Kovacs, a spokesman for Orban, recently told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the war against Soros has become “a matter of national security.”

“The Hungarian standpoint is that illegal migration is clearly a matter of national security,” Kovacs said. “We shall mobilize the political and legal power of the Hungarian state against anyone who undermines the security of Hungary – regardless of their origins, religious affiliation or wealth.”

Asked about choosing between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Orban answered with a joke about a Pole being asked in the communist era to choose between Hitler and Stalin.

“He answered that he chooses Marlene Dietrich,” Orban joked. “What I want to say with this is that you can’t give a good answer to a bad question.”

Orban first expressed his support for Trump a year ago, while Putin has visited Hungary twice in two years. Hungary is expanding its energy ties with Moscow, including Russia’s construction of new reactors at Hungary’s only nuclear power plant.

Orban said “Hungarian interests” would be the “guiding star” of his country’s foreign policy, not “Trump, Putin or (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel.”

Orban promised to defend Poland against any legal action from the EU, which has threatened sanctions against Poland for changes to its legal system.

“The main target of the inquisition, the example of national governance to be weakened, destroyed and broken is Poland,” Orban said. “Hungary will use every legal possibility in the European Union to be in solidarity with the Poles.”

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