Fox has lost one third of its primetime viewers; Trump town hall was pre-taped

by WorldTribune Staff, June 2, 2023

May was Fox News’s first full month without Tucker Carlson. The network lost 32 percent of its primetime viewers from the previous month.

Throughout April, Fox garnered an average of 2.072 million primetime viewers. In May, the average primetime viewership collapsed to just 1.417 million.

Without Tucker Carlson, Fox News is no longer as dominant in prime time.

In the coveted 25-54 age demo that sets advertising rates, Fox News primetime in May lost 44 percent of demo viewers compared to the previous month.

“To keep Carlson silent, he is still technically employed by the Fox fascists, but without Tucker Carlson Tonight in its primetime lineup, the once mighty and invincible Fox News primetime schedule only barely beat far-left MSNBC last month,” Breitbart’s John Nolte noted.

Fox News took no chances with Thursday night’s town hall with former President Donald Trump as the Sean Hannity-hosted event was pre-taped and edited so, observers say, the network could remove any mention by Trump of the 2020 election being stolen.

CNN’s town hall with Trump, a ratings bonanza for the struggling network, was broadcast live and Trump was allowed to speak in detail about 2020 election fraud.

Hannity began Thursday’s town hall by saying: “Unlike fake news CNN, it’s not my job to sit here and debate the candidate. We are going to ask him about the issues of the day that matter to the people – the voters who will also have their questions as well.”

Election fraud, according to Hannity (more likely ordered from on high), is not an issue that matters to the people.

Trump said he had asked Hannity not to joke about Joe Biden’s fall at the Air Force Academy commencement on Thursday, instead saying of Biden: “This is the most dangerous time in the history of our country because of the power of the weaponry and we have somebody that doesn’t understand what’s happening.”

In recent years, Nolte noted, Fox News “has lied to viewers, released a countless number of rigged polls, interfered in a presidential election, rigged a presidential debate, treated a proven liar like Christine Blasey Ford seriously, and even took seriously the ludicrous-on-its-face fairytale that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential limo and then attempted to assault a Secret Service agent.”

The Murdoch clan and Paul Ryan likely figured Fox News “could drop Tucker Carlson and weather the storm,” Nolte added. “For years, Fox has taken its viewers for granted, and for good reason. No outrage, lie, or betrayal dented the outlet’s ratings. Hopefully, those days are over for Fox. There are still some good people at Fox News, but just like there are some good public school teachers, the institution itself is total garbage.”

The sinking ship that is CNN, meanwhile, continues to sink.

Average total primetime viewership for CNN dropped below 500,000 in May.

“I tell ya, few things are as satisfying as watching these despicable outlets get what’s coming to them,” Nolte wrote. “In the case of Cuck News, a reckoning is long overdue. In the case of CNNLOL, it’s exactly what it deserves to be: a non-entity and national punchline.”

Meanwhile, Fox News anchors on Wednesday hinted that the network follows the same Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) guidelines that led for calls to boycott Chick-fil-A.

The popular chicken restaurant drew backlash and calls for boycotts due to the discovery of a DEI-related page on its website.

“What will be interesting about Chick-fil-A is, can they do both?” Fox News’ Harris Faulkner said on Outnumbered. “Can they keep the DEI in the front-view mirror, the front of the car, because many states are mandating it now. Here at Fox, other corporations, there will be things they’re going to have to change because the state of New York requires it.”

Faulkner’s comments were slammed on Twitter, where one user wrote: “RIP Fox News. You really know how to lose your entire audience.”

Another tweeted: “They’re all spewing the same talking point from Fox & Friends to Outnumbered. How many more days until they begin including their preferred pronouns in their name banners?”

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