Feds on parade? Latest ‘neo-Nazi’ rally strongly resemble earlier ‘neo-Nazi’ rallies

by WorldTribune Staff, September 4, 2023

Decked in matching outfits, complete with face coverings, a group of so-called Goyim Defense League (GDL) neo-Nazis held a rally in Altamonte Springs, Florida on Sunday.

Goyim Defense League

Journalist Laura Loomer posted on social media that she recorded the rally and heard some of the GDL members say: “look it’s Laura Jewmer” and shouted chants of “Jigsaw Jew,” “white power,” and “go home to Israel K*ke.”

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to Loomer’s video of the GDL by writing: “I can spot at least 5 FEDS in that line.”

The GDL members were decked out in red shirts with black face masks. They displayed crisp new flags and other shining brand new hate paraphernalia, much like that which was seen at other such rallies.

In fact, observers noted that Sunday’s “neo-Nazi” rally was pretty much the same as other “neo-Nazi” rallies held this year, only the outfits and names of the groups were different.

As WorldTribune.com, reported in May, on the same day Joe Biden said “white supremacy” was the “most dangerous terror threat” facing the U.S., a group of so-called “white nationalists,” the Patriot Front, marched through the nation’s capital. All sported identical masks, pants, shirts and caps.

During the Patriot Front’s first reported rally, outside of a drag event in Chardon, Ohio in April, one social media user posted: “That’s FBI. Are they even trying anymore?”

In June, WorldTribune.com reported on the Aryan Freedom Network demonstration outside of a farmer’s market in Centreville, Texas. They all wore the same face masks, caps, camo pants, and black shirts.

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