Emerald Robinson explains silence of conservative media on ‘2000 Mules’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 15, 2022

Fox News and Newsmax have instituted a blackout on the overwhelmingly successful documentary “2000 Mules.”

Director Dinesh D’Souza’s film “is being ignored by the conservative corporate media and the liberal corporate media because it’s true,” independent journalist Emerald Robinson noted in a substack.com post.

Fox News “doesn’t want to cover election fraud because the GOP establishment doesn’t want to find election fraud when it involves cheating to defeat Donald Trump,” Robinson wrote. “Fox News is the voice of the GOP establishment. (That’s why Rupert Murdoch has secret meetings with Bill Barr rather than Trump at his home during the Trump Administration.) Fox News is the voice of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence and Bill Barr and a bunch of other unpopular politicians who want rid of President Trump permanently. In other words, Fox News is the voice of the uniparty regime in Washington.”

The regime that inhabits The Swamp “doesn’t have any GOP voters left,” Robinson added. “Look at McConnell’s poll numbers. Look at Pence’s poll numbers. Trump just endorsed a bunch of primary candidates and they just swept through the GOP establishment’s picks like Hunter Biden at a strip club. The GOP establishment has the voting machines, but it doesn’t have any voters.”

Trump said in a statement:

“Fox News is no longer Fox News. They won’t even show or discuss the greatest & most impactful documentary of our time, ‘2000 Mules.’ The Radical Left Democrats are thrilled – They don’t want the TRUTH to get out. Depressing to watch what has happened to Fox! CNN should go Conservative and take over the greatest, strongest, and most powerful BASE in U.S. history. Nobody is watching CNN’s Fake News now so, as I say, what the hell have they got to lose? Sadly, they’re too stupid to make the change!”

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Robinson noted that “it took massive coordination from both political parties and the corporate media and federal law enforcement and left-wing NGO’s to thwart the will of the American people in 2020.”

Fox News was part of that corporate media cabal, as a D’Souza retweet recalled:

Robinson noted that Fox News “can bully GOP politicians and conservative influencers into silence because it threatens to blacklist them — but social media now makes that sort of ‘top down’ control irrelevant. It’s easy to shut down Lou Dobbs — he’s under contract. How do you shut down Catturd? Or Rising Serpent? There’s too many people to bully now.”

Fox News “is not on the side of the GOP voters — but they do rely on them,” Robinson added. “So they’re caught, and everybody knows it. That’s why Fox wants to strong-arm conservative influencers like D’Souza into letting it appropriate his content on voter fraud — they need to pretend to care for the sake of the audience. Fox News knows that they ‘can crucify him’ and so he has to ‘stay on the reservation’ or he will be banned. Tucker Carlson’s executive producer (D’Souza claims) responded to D’Souza’s declining their strong-arm ‘offer’ by telling D’Souza that ‘he was finished’ and that Fox would ‘teach him a lesson.’

“That’s a threat that had teeth before 2020. Now it just sounds like hollow threats from gutless people. The world has changed. The people who are going to get taught a lesson in the next few years are at Fox News.”

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