Desmond Tutu, 90: Faithful apostle of the globalist establishment, brand ambassador of death

Special to WorldTribune, December 29, 2021

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

In this age of increasing attacks on God-given individual rights and Natural Law, be wary of those who the New Ruling Order puts on pedestals.

Tutu with former Irish president Mary Robinson, British foreign secretary William Hague, and former US president Jimmy Carter at a London meeting of The Elders. / OGL v1.0

South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu died Dec. 26. He was 90. All the usual outlets of the dominant media apparatus have formed a chorus to portray Tutu as the Mother Teresa of global Social Justice activism. For those who have been paying attention to world events over the past 20-odd years, such a title can only mean one thing. Desmond Tutu was a faithful apostle of the globalist establishment.

From Big Pharma money entanglements to disturbing population control ties, Tutu was a valuable brand that offered a coveted racial and religious sanctification for an anti-human agenda. Let us review just a few of the many ways this was done.

Tutu was a member of a globalist cabal group called The Elders. The name itself is provoking, conjuring images of wizened elites ruling over a faceless one-world tribe. As such, it should be no surprise that The Elders are emphatic supporters of the refugee invasion of The West.

The 2020 Elders Annual Report highlights the organization’s commitment to collectivism and a rigidly leftist ideology. From the opening message penned by Mary Robinson, Chair and first woman president of Ireland:

[W]e must all collectively work to restore cooperation and compassion as the necessary guides of world affairs: from pandemic preparedness and responding to the threats of climate change and nuclear weapons; to racial justice, gender equality and respecting the rights of migrants and refugees.

Robinson bluntly admits: Getting Joe Biden installed in the White House was a vital part of a larger globalist reset. And the coronavirus hype is a valuable weapon in the effort:

In the year ahead, the new Administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice-President of the United States offers the chance for a “reset” not only in the national politics of the US but in international relations as a whole. The pandemic has starkly exposed the failures of narrow nationalism and populist politics that disdains scientific evidence and social cohesion. No nation can tackle this threat on its own, regardless of its power or size.

This was the world Desmond Tutu inhabited.

The cleric was pro-abortion, but more than that, he defended the murder of unborn children by placing the issue squarely within a global population control framing. Again, this is important because it shows how the archbishop was utilized as a globalist brand.

As far back as 1994, he could be seen championing United Nations population control protocols:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa joined the battle over a proposed U.N. population-control program Thursday by supporting contraception and some abortions….

“Planned parenthood is an obligation of those who are Christians,” Archbishop Tutu said at a news conference in Cape Town.

“United Nations,” “Planned Parenthood,” and “Archbishop Desmond Tutu” all woven together. The wording is significant.

This “Man of God” further showed his global sweep by openly endorsing one of the most notorious international abortionist organizations. How lovely: The smiling face of Desmond Tutu posted at a Cape Town abortion clinic. 2011:

A pro-life campaigner who prays outside Mary Stopes Clinic in central Cape Town at the start of every working day says he was shocked one morning when he spotted Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s face and personal endorsement message on a billboard in the clinic.

Peter Thorp, who has spent more than 1,200 hours praying outside the abortion clinic, said he  felt like he had been hit by a train when a door at the front of the clinic opened on October 26 and he saw the billboard. He said he leaned inside and took a photograph. On the next day his wife, Terry, sent an email to Tutu asking him to clarify his endorsement of the clinic and why he allowed Mary Stopes to “use your standing with God” to justify the “marketing of death”….

The billboard that offended Thorp carries a photo of Tutu under the headline “Choice, Not Chance” which is Marie Stopes’ marketing slogan. The message on the billboard reads: “Marie Stopes South Africa is doing invaluable work. Through their programmes they are raising awareness and understanding of sexual and reproductive health. They are empowering people and by providing information and access to sustainable high quality services that are giving people the opportunity to make informed decisions about their future and a choice. – Signed Archbishop Desmond Tutu”

Tutu was pro-euthanasia as well as pro-abortion. All in keeping with a much larger agenda.

He also had deep ties to Bill Gates and Big Pharma via his Desmond Tutu Health Foundation. The foundation partners with Bill Gates, pharmaceutical monolith Abbott Laboratories and various vaccine organizations:

Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Sponsors

 Bristol-Myers Squibb | Gilead Sciences, Inc | Icon Clinical Research | Janssen Pharmaceuticals | MSD Pharmaceuticals | Parexel International | Pfizer Laboratories | ViiV Healthcare

A top Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation staffer sits on the Board of Directors for another Tutu-brand group, the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation:

Moky Makura was born in Nigeria, educated in England and has lived in London, Johannesburg and Lagos. In January 2015, she joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the Deputy Director for Communications Africa where she is responsible for building and managing the foundation’s reputation on the continent.

Tutu was also an “Agenda Contributor” to the World Economic Forum.

From a 2012 article he wrote for WEF. Never mind what he actually says; it is nothing but empty verbiage. Note instead how chummy he is. Tutu is obviously very comfortable inside the Davos orbit:

As you may know, I truly believe that every human being is made for goodness – yes, even bankers! So I am very glad to be returning to the World Economic Forum. Davos is known to be a gathering of Very Important People and, well, I have a Very Important Message to convey….

I know I will meet many powerful men and women in Davos. They have worked hard, put their God-given talents to good use, and become some of the most successful entrepreneurs, politicians and change-makers in the world. But when we consider the world we have created for our children, we do not look to these illustrious figures. No, when we judge our success, we must look to the least of us…

In this era of globalisation, this interdependence is more evident than ever before….

This year at Davos, I want to talk about social and economic equity. I want to see the needs and aspirations of women, young people, our poorest and most marginalised brothers and sisters on the global agenda. It is the responsibility of each one of us to make their voices heard and to build a world that is worthy of them – a world worthy of all of us.

But perhaps the most offensive Tutu act in service to his globalist masters was his endorsement of the Rockefeller Foundation’s decades-long zealous population control measures in Africa.

In 2013, Tutu wrote the forward to a Rockefeller Foundation “Centennial Series” report titled “Shared Journey: The Rockefeller Foundation, Human Capital, and Development in Africa.”

He declared (see page 11 of pdf):

This volume describes the exploits, the determination, the reverses, and eventually the successes scored by one U.S. institution, admittedly not an insignificant player in the global setting. We would have been in a massive predicament had the Rockefeller Foundation been working against us and the evolution of our continent. Mercifully for us, the opposite has been the case.

It is a good place to pay a very warm tribute to the Foundation for all the enthusiasm and dedication that were its hallmark on behalf of our continent, which has been the beneficiary of this institutional dedication and commitment. Organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation contributed to our spectacular victory.

The document itself goes on to laud the Foundation’s crucial role in population control in Africa. “Empowering women” was a key part of the program (page 113 of pdf):

Demographers had long argued that large families were an essential part of the economic structure of subsistence-level families in rural countries. More children meant more labor as well as more security for parents as they approached old age….

“Seeing children as a net resource is a distinctly male construct. Thirty years of household surveys, in scores of nations, have now shown us extremely high levels of unmet need for contraception which, if satisfied, would result in considerably lower levels of fertility, by as much as a whole child in much of Africa.”

It’s simply impossible to calculate the number of murders via abortion that have been carried out in Africa due to the Rockefeller Foundation’s rabid population control initiatives dating back to the 1950s. Tutu pronounced his blessing upon it all.

Finally, in closing, here are Desmond Tutu and George Soros together... suitable for framing.

The New Ruling Order is mourning the loss of one of its valuable Brand Ambassadors. It requests a Moment of Silence from the cattle… and then it’s back to the vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

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