Delivering the news ain’t what it used to be

by WorldTribune Editor’s Line, March 29, 2022

As a schoolboy, I would bring in the paper after getting off the bus and read the local sports, crime (including Washington) and international news while sprawled on the living room floor. Don’t forget the comics. My Dad, rightly suspicious of the power of television, finally let one into the house and so we would get Walter Cronkite’s take on reality after dinner.

That was then. Nowadays bots barrage our senses 24-7. Cell phone web browsers carpet bomb the senses with the latest Trump allegations and cultural propaganda.

WorldTribune is a simple daily online newspaper. We don’t have an app. We do have once-daily email alerts. Facebook has put the kabosh on notifications to all but our most committed fans.

So unless your dog is super smart you are going to have to make some effort to read us daily. Sorry.

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