Covid insanity: Oregon kindergartners forced to eat lunch outdoors in cold

by WorldTribune Staff, December 10, 2021

In what critics say more resembled a scene inside a North Korean prison camp than a U.S. school, students at an Oregon elementary school were filmed being forced to eat lunch outdoors in frigid conditions.

The children, including kindergartners, had to sit on buckets while social distancing from their classmates at Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, allegedly to mitigate the spread of Covid, according to the Post Millennial, which obtained the video.

A parent at the school told The Post Millennial that forcing their children to eat outside was their “final straw” with Portland Public Schools.

“As a parent of a student at Capitol Hill Elementary, this policy is abhorrent,” the parent said.

“I am beyond furious, especially knowing children are low-risk,” the parent added. “Governor Brown maskless in DC this weekend was the last straw. We’ve been patient with all of the policies here in Portland in hopes of not being ostracized within the community, but this is the last straw.”

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