CNBC journalist who used provocative body language vs Putin has extensive Deep State ties

Special to WorldTribune, October 19, 2021


Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

The feminist card really isn’t working here. Anyone with eyes could see that CNBC “journalist” Hadley Gamble was deliberately using sex as a weapon during her interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an energy panel on Oct. 13.

CNBC’s Hadley Graham with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an Energy Week panel in Moscow on Oct. 13. / Video Image

The notion that the establishment big-box media gal is the victim here just because she happens to be American is a joke that won’t play in this country anymore. That game ended with the Deep State coup that artificially installed Joe Biden in the White House this year.

In fact, Gamble has extensive ties to the very people who led two impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump in four years and have done all they can to stir up tensions with Russia as part of an overall globalist foreign policy agenda that has nothing to do with the best interests of the citizens of this nation.

There is a limitless amount of documentation that could be mined here, but the following should convincingly show that this attractive CNBC journalist is working not to inform the American people but to further an internationalist cabal that has taken hold of the U.S. government today.

Hadley Gamble regularly hosts panel events for the Russia-hating Atlantic Council and the globalist World Economic Forum.

The first 30 seconds here say it all:

And here is flirty Hadley hosting a panel at Davos for the World Economic Forum in 2019:

Gamble frequently provides a major cable network platform to Deep State think tank wonks. They call this journalism:

Fred Kempe is a devout Putin basher, even bringing George Soros in as a moral ally in his outrage:

These are the soggy kind of system apparatchiks that Gamble gets paid to prop up on CNBC. Here’s Gamble is in a 2018 hit piece for CNBC on Trump-Russia collusion introducing a Brookings Institution Russia-basher to slam Trump’s alleged coziness with Putin:

Steven Pifer was a cheerleader for the Atlantic Council-fomented coup against Trump:

In 2014, he co-wrote a savagely anti-Putin letter to then-President Barack Obama along with first Trump impeachment coup star Fiona Hill.

Gamble is also a regular “correspondent” covering the ultra-elitist Munich Security Conference. Doesn’t look too “neutral” or “objective” here, does she?

WorldTribune has written about MSC. The top-shelf globalist gathering is said to surpass Davos in the world of the networked elites.

More Gamble in action at CNBC:

Former RINO senator and ex-U.S. permanent representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison appeared on the network with her in 2018 to prop up the obsolete Cold War alliance that now serves only to further a networked internationalist agenda today.

Hutchison flagrantly waved the flag for NATO and anti-Trump Deep State globalism while all along pretending to be loyal to Trump, the president she was ostensibly serving under. Everything she says to Gamble is opposed to Trump’s America First foreign policy aims and she claimed to be saying it in the name of Trump:

For anyone who still had any doubts, Hutchison’s true colors were revealed last November:

In March, Gamble conducted a puff interview with the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the ongoing coronavirus tyranny:

And here she is conducting a panel at the 2019 World Government Summit:

CNBC was a “media partner” for the globalist affair.

“Strategic partners” included the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, World Bank Group and World Economic Forum.

This is sexy Hadley Gamble’s job at CNBC. The pretty face is the spoonful of sugar to make the globalist poison go down well. That may work fine with certain segments of the American people who consider the likes of Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper to be paragons of modern journalism. But it is nothing short of an embarrassment in the real world that exists beyond the progressive establishment bubble that oppresses our nation today.

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