China’s dictators are not stupid like Stalin and Obama is their ally

Lev Navrozov

In my columns, I have been writing a lot about PRC’s aggressive policies, its growing military might, and its global ambitions.

Today’s PRC’s dictators are not as stupid and naive as was Stalin, who kept his country isolated from the entire world. Nobody, except Soviet spies and high-post ambassadors he sent abroad to spread lies about the “prosperous life” in his “Soviet Union,” could go outside the country. The Russian people were turned into Stalin’s slaves, whom he used to industrialize and militarize the country.

Stalin needed a large reservoir of cheap labor to draw upon to be able to carry out his ambitious projects. For that purpose, he destroyed old Russian agriculture; he liquidated wealthy peasant households and confiscated their property. Villages were destroyed, and peasants were forced to move to cities to work in Stalin’s industries. Many were arrested and sent to work in hard-labor concentration camps — to build canals, bridges, railroads, and whatever else Stalin needed to carry out his industrialization and modernization of Soviet army.

President Barack Obama Bows to Chinese President Hu Jintao at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in 2010.

While keeping Russia isolated from the rest of the world, Stalin’s propaganda was spreading the myth of the happy and prosperous life in the country, not without the help of some foreign correspondents (e.g., Walter Duranty of the New York Times), who in his “dispatches from Moscow” distorted the truth of what was actually going on in the country (massive arrests of innocent people, food shortages, long bread lines of hungry people outside the food stores, etc.) thereby perpetuating the lies of Soviet communist propaganda myth of the happiness and prosperity reigning in the country.

At the same time, foreign tourists were shown the luxuries of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow subway stations built of marble and decorated with golden frescoes (built by nameless Soviet slaves), and the Moscow exhibition of the “Soviet Agricultural and Industrial Achievements.” All of which was duly reported by the foreign press.

Much has changed since then. Stalin died. The “Soviet Union” has disintegrated — the fact that didn’t pass unnoticed by China, Russia’s close neighbor and Stalin’s former closest friend and follower.

The new Chinese communist dictators are different. They realized that to stay in power, they have to change the rules of the game: their new goal is to put foreign capitalism to work to realize their own ambitions.

Chinese communist dictators do not have Stalin’s problem of having inadequate work force. China’s population is 1.339 billion. Suddenly they realized that this is far from being a burden to them: This is their golden asset and a source of cheap labor. Something Russia did not have.

Money-hungry foreign businessmen, they reasoned, will move their industries to China in search for this cheap Chinese labor. So the Chinese communist dictators will not have to take care of their slaves. Free Western capitalists will do this: they will use cheap slave labor for miserable pay, just enough to keep the slaves alive.

And this is exactly what has happened. Their strategy has worked. Western businessmen moved their businesses over to China. Workers in their countries lost jobs. To pay the unemployment benefits, Western governments, and in particular the U.S. Obama administration, have to borrow money from China, i.e., getting loans, which she is willingly extends to their White House friend Obama. China became the biggest lender to the United States: China holds more than $1.1 trillion of U.S. Treasury debt.

China has modernized its military with the latest military technology. Their spies have penetrated the most sensitive American military bases.

And, as I wrote in November 2005 for the New York City Tribune: “Perhaps there is a Chinese scientist of the calibre of Einstein. … But nationally famous Chinese scientists are totally unknown in the West and work in their laboratories hidden deep in the mountains, while Chinese spies keep them up to date by providing them with all the latest technological information, which they steal from the United States.”

And this is where the friendly U.S. President Obama comes in. He loves communist China: Last year, he allowed 24 Chinese military generals to visit U.S. sensitive military bases, which for decades have been closed to any outsider! Isn’t this just a friendly gesture or an outright act of treason?

The new leaders of China are not blinded by Communist doctrine.

In his brilliant article “Keep China Happy: Vote Obama,” John Myers, of Personal Liberty Digest, says: “In an open letter to the President, Donald Trump, one prominent Republican, took issue with Obama regarding the advantages in trade that China is being given … They’re having a field day with the United States and our leadership. … How little respect the Chinese government has for you.”

And further: “The new leaders in China are not peasants like Mao, nor are they blinded by Communist doctrine. They have set their sights on global domination and one of their biggest allies is Obama.”

Lev Navrozov can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].