China revived Lenin’s doctrine: Harness global corporations to advance communism

by WorldTribune Staff, May 18, 2021

Corporate WATCH

In October 1921, Bolshevik revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin said the following:

We must not count on going straight to communism. We must build on the basis of peasants’ personal incentive… we must also give every specialist an incentive to develop our industry… Get down to business, all of you! You will have capitalists beside you, including foreign capitalists, concessionaires and leaseholders. They will squeeze profits out of you amounting to hundreds per cent; they will enrich themselves, operating alongside of you. Let them. Meanwhile you will learn from them the business of running the economy, and only when you do that will you be able to build up a communist republic.

Vladimir Lenin: ‘Get down to business, all of you!’ / Creative Commons

This quote is taken from an extremely valuable essay authored by Charles J. Urlacher at the American Greatness website on May 7. Urlacher’s bio states that he “is a former public school teacher who didn’t indoctrinate American kids into hating their country and the ancestors who built it.”

Urlacher points out how those who shape public opinion in this nation attempt to explain away Big Corporate canoodling with Chinese communism.

“How can a country devoted to Communism allow capitalism to penetrate its economy? Why would these implacable ‘enemies’ do business with each other? Urlacher writes. “The usual answer given by the Western foreign policy establishment and most of the educated classes is to say that China isn’t really Communist.”

“How many of these people know history?” he then declares. “How many actually read Marxist literature?”

Urlacher details how the utilization of a profit-above-all-else form of capitalism in service to the final victory of communism is a core tenet of Marxists who did not believe Karl Marx’s teaching that “Communism would be born through violent revolution.”

“From the earliest days, some Marxists argued that Communism could emerge through evolutionary means,” he writes.

Late 19th Century-early 20th Century German Marxist thinker “Eduard Bernstein was possibly the most important theorist to argue this view,” Urlacher states. “Bernstein maintained a close relationship with Marx’s sugar benefactor, Friedrich Engels…. In his tome Evolutionary Socialism, [Bernstein] writes”:

With the spread of the capitalistic large enterprises… there is assumed to be a lasting and steadily increasing material cause for the impetus to a socialistic transformation of society…. Like production itself, the conditions of existence for the producers press towards the socialization… of production and exchange. As soon as this development is sufficiently advanced the realization of socialism becomes an imperative necessity for the further development of the community…. According to that, we have as the first condition of the general realization of socialism a definite degree of capitalist development.

Urlacher then includes his quote made by Lenin as he “led the Soviet Union through a capitalistic phase which he called the New Economic Policy.” This approach was later rejected by his successor, Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin, in favor of a brutalizing socialist five-year plan.

“Similarly, Mao Zedong followed Stalin’s line with the Great Leap Forward. These programs failed, and in the process, killed tens of millions in both the Soviet Union and China. This is the communism most Americans learn about,” Urlacher writes.

Both of these tyrannical programs fell short of advancing the revolution, Urlacher notes, and resulted in the eventual fall of the Soviet Union. China, in order to forestall a similar fate, turned back to the old tried-and-true alternative Marxist theory of using Big Capitalism to usher in an eventual communist hegemony. What is commonly described today by China supporters in the West as a “transition” to new principles of economy and governance is nothing of the sort.

Urlacher quotes former President Jiang Zemin, who declared in 2013 (emphasis by author):

“The establishment of the (capitalist) four special economic zones of Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, and Xiamen was an important step in opening China to the outside world and a new experiment in utilizing foreign funds, technology, and managerial skills to develop the socialist economy.

Given the undeniable fact that a reinvigorated China has emerged as the single greatest threat to America’s position in the world today, the author concludes his piece by asking a question:

“Are the international capitalists who controlled the United States in the 1980s and 2000s therefore simply Lenin’s useful idiots?”

Urlacher’s summation of communism’s historic embrace of a deliberate strategy to utilize the unbridled profit motive of a multi-national capitalism that has divorced itself from communities and nations makes for essential reading for all who want to understand the rise of China today.

A full read is recommended.

NOTE: World Tribune has documented numerous examples of high-profile Western capitalist scurrying to do business with China in our Corporate Watch section.

  • This includes U.S. governors willing to offer up their states’ aerospace, rocketry and precious natural resources to the communist behemoth.
  • There are business councils aligned with powerful big brands working as support branches for Western companies operating in China.
  • There are corporations whose love for China’s economic opportunities seems to far surpass any loyalty to the United States. There is much, much more.

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