Globalist FedEx: Redskins name must go, but business can’t take sides on China

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By Joe Schaeffer

If you want proof that the wave of corporate-sponsored Cultural Marxist agitprop currently washing over America is thoroughly phony at its core, look no further than parcel delivery goliath FedEx and its attempts to pressure the NFL’s Washington Redskins into changing its team name for reasons of political correctness.

Upon receiving a letter from a coalition led by a radical faux Native American advocacy group that is financially backed by powerful global leftist philanthropies, FedEx, home stadium sponsor for the Redskins, immediately “communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name.” Official league uniform and apparel supplier Nike also put the squeeze on the ‘Skins, pulling all team merchandise from its online store. According to reports, a name change “is likely.”

FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins

This is the same FedEx that has intimate ties to the U.S.-China Business Council, a pro-China business organization whose president, Craig Allen, has said of U.S. corporate reaction to the communist tyranny’s new national security law, which will have dire consequences for pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong: “I suspect that it will have an impact at the margin. But I would not expect that to be overly large. Businesses are not ideological, and businesses will go where there is security, stability, safety, and a good market. And China is a very large and important market.”

Frederick W. Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx, served as chairman of the U.S.-China Business Council, his bio at the globalist think tank the Center for Strategic & International Studies, where Smith is a “trustee,” states. And FedEx President and Chief Operating Officer Rajesh Subramaniam sits on the Board of Directors for the U.S.-China Business Council at this very moment.

The hypocrisy would be staggering, unless you realize it is not hypocrisy but all part of a deliberate globalist business plan. As Sohrab Ahmari ably put it in a July 4 column at The Spectator, multinational corporations are weaponizing racial strife to hit back at the populist revolt against globalism that has cost them much of their long-held political and financial clout. “[W]hat’s playing out is a counter-revolution of the neoliberal class — academe, media, large corporations, ‘experts’, Big Tech — against the nationalist revolution launched in 2016,” Ahmari wrote. “The supposed insurgents and the elites are marching in the streets together, taking the knee together. They do not seek a radically new arrangement, but a return to the pre-Trump, pre-Brexit status quo ante which was working out very well for them.”

Just so. And it’s hard to find a corporation that personifies the term “neoliberal” more than FedEx. This is a company that is globalist to the marrow. Here’s a quick checklist on FedEx’s financial support for the elitist status quo:

• FedEx is a donor to former Sen. John McCain’s neoconservative McCain Institute. Uber-connected Democrat power broker Lynn Forester de Rothschild sits on the McCain Board of Trustees.
• FedEx is a donor to the Obama Foundation, the non-profit organization run by the former president who vowed to “transform America.”
• FedEx is a donor to the George W. Bush Center, helping that former president pursue his ersatz “conservative” version of a new world order.
• FedEx is a corporate “partner” to Vital Voices, a globalist feminist organization that features Hillary Clinton as an Honorary Chair Emeriti.
• FedEx is a corporate Affiliate Member of the internationalist Council on Foreign Relations.

These are not the actions of a company merely trying to make nice with influential policy-makers. FedEx sees itself as part of the power circle. In 2017 Frederick Smith attended RINO stalwart Mitt Romney’s personal summit. Joe Biden, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and John McCain were among the notables also present at the gathering.

Now that is the kind of party the FedEx founder enjoys. Smith has a staunch ideological attachment to the post-World War II neoliberal order, which he specifically saluted upon receiving the arch-globalist Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Business Leadership Award in 2019. In his acceptance speech, Smith hailed “the ambitions of President [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull, who began the march towards open markets with the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934.”

“Following World War II, the U.S. worked hard to develop rules-based institutions such as the IMF… the World Bank and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which became the World Trade Organization in 1995,” he continued. “Without question, such institutions fed the growth of global prosperity in the latter half of the 20th century.”

FedEx President Subramaniam, similarly declared his allegiance to internationalism at Yale University in 2015. Subramaniam expressed his excitement over the doomed globalist Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, before saying that the era “between 1970 and 2008, primarily, [was] a golden era of global trade.”

This is the exact time frame in which American wages and benefits began to stagnate and the U.S. manufacturing base was destroyed.

A soulless internationalist corporation like FedEx can be eager to work with a communist China that ruthlessly crushes the yearning of its citizens to be free while decrying the monstrous evil of having a football team named after Cowboys and Indians Americana without batting an eye. It’s all just business.

Whipping up division and anger in America is a key part of a larger plan to undermine President Donald Trump and other leading voices against a neoliberal order that finds itself under siege in America and Europe today. It is no coincidence that multinational corporations are supporting rioters in the streets at the same time that life-long Uniparty Swamp careerist Joe Biden is running on a “return to normalcy” platform in his quest to take down Trump. America is burning this summer in the hopes that it will spark a rejection of any real change and lead to a return to that “golden era” when global elites quietly and vastly increased their power and fortune at the expense of a suffering working and middle class.

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