‘Chilling’: How Moderna, the FDA and CDC rigged the data for children

by WorldTribune Staff, June 30, 2022

New evidence indicates that FDA and CDC officials manipulated statistics to hide adverse reactions in order to make the Covid vaccine falsely appear safe for children.

“It is the most chilling thing I’ve ever read,” reports Toby Rogers, PhD, adding, it “is absolutely sinister.”

Dr. Rogers, who formerly worked under labor secretary Robert Reich, studies regulatory corruption connected to big pharma.

A study out of France showing a 44 times increased incidence of myocarditis following the Moderna mRNA vaccine raised new questions this week about the data behind the FDA’s emergency use authorization for the vaccine in children as young as six months. 

Prior to this authorization, which took place on June 17, the Moderna mRNA shot had been held up for a year because multiple earlier international studies reported disqualifying increases in myocarditis, particularly among boys.

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In a Substack article, and subsequent livestreamed roundtable, Rogers explains the statistical manipulation that the FDA and CDC employed to make a dangerous medical product with no benefit for children appear safe and effective. His work is featured regularly at Children’s Health Defense.

I was curious to see how the FDA would attempt to get around this. And it’s all right there on pages 19 and 20,” he recounts, referring to the 190-page risk benefit document Moderna delivered to the FDA only two business days before the June 14-15 authorization meeting. 

What Rogers found shocked him. 

“Remember, the Moderna shots produced NO reductions in severe outcomes because the risk of Covid-19 in this age group is infinitesimally small (see studies: hereherehere, and here),” Rogers writes.

By the summer and fall of 2021 there were already multiple studies out of the UK, Canada, and Nordic countries showing between 2x to 7x increase in the risk of myocarditis from the Moderna shot. By May of 2022 additional studies out of Italy, France, Denmark, and other Nordic countries found between a 3x to 7x increased risk. Even the CDC’s own study of the Vaccine Safety Datalink found a 2x higher risk. 

All told, the FDA cited 26 studies demonstrating these heightened levels of risk. 

Yet, remarkably, the FDA concluded not only was the increased risk not the 200% to 700% these studies reported, but that it was only 7% to 50%, which FDA officials also then deemed not statistically significant.

Even more remarkably, Rogers discovered that it was not Moderna employees who manipulated the data, but FDA and CDC officials who did so on behalf of Moderna.

“The FDA, CDC, and Kaiser Permanente put their fixers on the case,” Rogers writes. “It was the same fixers who they always use — Tom Shimabukuro and John Su — whose entire job is making vaccine safety signals disappear. Those guys are absolutely going to hell.”

The FDA’s Matthew Oster, MD, and Kaiser Permanente’s Nicola Klein, MD, PhD, were also involved, Rogers added, speaking by phone with WorldTribune.com.

Statistical “fixers” massage data to eliminate safety signals by eliminating participants with problematic outcomes for trivial reasons, clustering participants in ways that obscure statistically significant measures, and other methods.

For example, Rogers notes that to prove efficacy Moderna switched from measuring beneficial health outcomes, which were nonexistent, to measuring antibodies. But, even there, “Moderna threw out about 90% of the sample and only looked at the bloodwork of about 300 kids in each age group. No explanation was given for the criteria they used to exclude 90% of the sample,” Rogers notes.

How they rig the data to license a product they know will cause myocarditis in kids. It’s sinister,” Rogers said.

Tom Shimabukuro, MD, Deputy Director of the Immunization Safety Office at the CDC, may by now be familiar to WorldTribune readers as one of two individuals who in a joint FDA-CDC meeting in October of 2020 appears to have consciously concealed extensive lists of anticipated adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, which have since been widely reported by chronic sufferers.

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If the myocarditis rigging is chilling, the use of placebos is perhaps even more so. 

The placebo group of 2- to 5-year-olds experienced an extraordinarily high incidence of adverse reactions to the placebo—35%, compared with 40% in the vaccine group, a difference which could then be claimed insignificant. 

Healthy young children do not have a 35% adverse reaction to saline. The implication is that Moderna “researchers” knowingly administered dangerous toxins as a placebo in order to induce adverse reactions numerous enough to be approximate the number resulting from the shot.

The dirty little secret of the vaccine program is that manufacturers almost always use rigged placebos to create an artificially high ‘background rate’ to hide adverse events,” Rogers explains. 

He is not alone in this point of view. “The brilliant quant Jessica Rose made a similar observation,” Rogers notes, “in her analysis of the FDA risk benefit document.”

“I still have a very strong suspicion that these ‘placebos’ are not saline,” Rose comments. She believes the placebo may have contained lipid nanoparticles, which are the “delivery vehicle that Moderna uses to get mRNA into the cell,” and may have pathogenic qualities, Rogers explains.

“The FDA has officially abandoned science altogether,” Rogers said in an interview with Steve Bannon. By a vote of 19 to 2, “they approved a covalent COVID-19 shot with the Wuhan strain and the Omicron variant. . . This is a strange thing to approve. The Wuhan strain is no longer in circulation. They are vaccinating against a strain that no longer exists. And the Omicron variant that they are going to put into these shots is Omicron version BA.4 and BA.5. There is no efficacy data whatsoever on vaccine efficacy against Omicron BA.4 and BA.5.”

“Every time that I think I’m too cynical, it turns out that I’m not cynical enough,” Rogers reflected with emotion.

“This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, this is a violation of the Declaration of Helsinki, this is a violation of the Hippocratic oath. If and when Republicans retake control of the Congress this fall, there must be hearings. There must be arrests. And, there must be prosecutions,” Rogers told Bannon.

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