Biden regime paves way for illegal aliens to enlist in U.S. military

by WorldTribune Staff, December 11, 2023

The woke military continually falls well short of recruitment goals. That hasn’t stopped Team Biden from moving full steam ahead on forcing its diversity, equity, and inclusion policies down the throats of America’s fighting forces.

Meanwhile, thousands of single, military-age illegal aliens are pouring across Joe Biden’s open border on a daily basis.

There’s no guarantee foreign-born soldiers would remain loyal to the U.S., critics of the new Biden policy said.

So the Biden regime has decided to allow illegals to enlist in the U.S. military.

What could possibly go wrong? One could look to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire for clues.

Retired Army captain and JAG lawyer Sean Timmons said illegals could easily take their U.S. military training and turn it against us.

“Are they there for the proper reasons? For patriotic duty to the country? Or are they learn to use tactics and weapons usage to bring back to their gang fight locally? Or internationally back in their home country?” Timmons asked.

“We’ve uncovered Chinese espionage rings on active duty, literally serving as Chinese migrants or immigrants, cloaked as impoverished rice field workers when they really under the direction of the Chinese government to be spies,” Timmons added.

Not to mention the thousands crossing the U.S. border who are from nations tied to terrorism. Dozens of those detained at the border have showed up on terrorism watch lists. It is very likely some are among the thousands of “gotaways” who enter the country without being detected by border authorities.

“This is no different than turning our military over to the enemy,” M.B. Mathews wrote for American Thinker on Dec. 11.

Illegal aliens, Mathews noted, “have no allegiance to America. They were not born here, they have no notable notion of our history and the blessings of living in the best country in the world, and they don’t know about the blood and sweat soaked into every fiber of the parchment on which our Constitution was written. They are in it for personal security and would essentially be mercenaries, beholden to whomever would give them the most.”

Since Joe Biden was installed in the White House, more than 5 million illegals have crossed the U.S. southern border.

“This is fatally reckless,” Mathews wrote. “We have a border and we have laws against illegal immigration, because we don’t want criminals and spies in our midst who have waited decades to take America down from within. ”

In the latest installment of the “Lessons from the Late Roman Army” series on the Center for International Maritime Security website, Steve Willis notes:

Most popular portrayals of the Roman Army focus on the collapse of the Republic, as in the HBO “Rome” series, or the classical “high” empire as illustrated by the Russell Crowe epic “Gladiator”.

In contrast to these theatrical efforts is the period of the so-called “late” Roman Empire of 220 A.D. to the 600’s. It offers significant lessons in how not to manage the army of a great power.

While there are many possible causes for the downfall of the Roman Empire and resultant Dark Ages, military historians generally agree that three specific actions of Roman elites in the late Empire specifically contributed to the Empire’s eventual collapse. Cutting the retirement benefits of a small professional force in favor of smaller taxes for the elite and greater benefits for the masses served only to weaken the desire of Roman citizens to serve.

When the Roman citizenry would not join in the numbers required to protect the Empire, Roman elites turned to conscription, which produced only disgruntled recruits, and mass recruitment of barbarian tribes such as the Goths, Visigoths and Vandals. These tribesmen could be paid less and did not require expansive pensions as an incentive to serve. The so-called “barbarization” of the Roman Army seriously weakened its core values, made it more likely to rebel against Roman authority, and ultimately brought disaster to the gates of Rome itself in 410 A.D.

These three mistakes in the management of the late Roman Imperial Army should serve as a powerful warning to American elites seeking inexpensive solutions to the maintenance of American military power. While some military spending can always be reduced, a great power that seeks very low-cost solutions does so at its own peril.

Mathews concluded: “The Biden administration should be ashamed that native born Americans won’t enlist because they abhor the woke that has happened to the military. But Biden and Mayorkas and ‘Rachel’ Levine are out to lunch on this issue and our enemies are eating it.”

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