Biden approval at 33 percent; Trump leads in all swing state polls

by WorldTribune Staff, December 17, 2023

As Joe Biden’s job approval sinks to its lowest ever, former President Donald Trump is leading in all swings states, the latest 2024 election polls show.

Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in seven 2024 election swing states.

Biden’s approval rating has plunged to 33 percent, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday. It is the lowest rating for the 81-year-old Biden that Pew Research has measured.

Pew noted that Biden’s job rating among Democrats has fallen 12 points since October 2022 and is “relatively low among most major demographic groups.”

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg poll of 4,935 registered voters conducted online Nov. 27 to Dec. 6 showed Trump leading Biden in all seven presumptive swing states likely to decide the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

Trump, in fact, polled 5 points ahead of Biden on average. The former president led by 2 in Pennsylvania; 3 in Nevada; 4 in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin; 6 in Georgia, and 9 in North Carolina.

“Democrats’ relentless persecution of former President Donald Trump has backfired. And as their failures have multiplied, their narrative has crumbled,” the Western Journal noted.

The polling stirred the rumor pot that Biden will not be the Democrats’ 2024 nominee even further, but many say the time for Biden to drop out and make way for another candidate has passed.

The Economist:

“Although he is the presumptive nominee, Mr Biden’s candidacy is not guaranteed until he wins the support of a majority of party delegates to its convention. Most delegates are political activists, local party leaders and the like, pledged to support a particular candidate; the number allocated to each candidate is determined through primary elections and caucuses. The rest are made up of the Democratic Party establishment. Primary season begins with New Hampshire, on January 23rd, and runs until early June. In August delegates will gather at the Democratic convention in Chicago to cast votes on behalf of their state or territory.

“If he dropped out now it would create a crisis in the Democratic Party, so the chances that he will do so—barring a serious health problem—are vanishingly slim. If it did happen, Mr Biden’s delegates would have to vote for someone else at the convention in Chicago.

“Mr Biden may not seem the best choice for the Democrats in 2024 to many. But at this stage, his party has little room to manoeuvre. An internal battle so close to the election could severely weaken the party ahead of a seemingly existential contest against Mr Trump. When Truman and Johnson withdrew their bids for re-nomination, the Democrats went on to lose the general election.”

Revolver News noted:

“The dilemma for Democrats wanting to sideline Biden is that he’s stubborn, arrogant, and unwilling to step aside for the party or the country. Replacing him seems nearly impossible unless he voluntarily steps down. Biden holds the full support of the DNC’s financial machine and most donors. Anyone attempting to replace him would face financial hurdles, among other things. The only feasible scenarios for a Biden-less 2024 might involve a scandal, impeachment, or some behind-the-scenes deal to encourage him to walk away.

“Otherwise, Biden’s dwindling poll numbers could spell disaster for the Democrats in 2024. Regardless of the number of mail-in ballots they manage to print, nobody’s buying that 81 million number this time around.”

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