Ben Gordon had an auto accident and awakened to a Covid nightmare

by WorldTribune Staff, February 6, 2022

A car accident in Flagstaff, Arizona turned into a Covid nightmare for Ben Gordon.

Ben Gordon

In video posted to social media and picked up by the ConservativeDaily podcast, Gordon said he was banged up but fine from the accident in which he flipped his car.

Gordon said that he had been injected against his will by paramedics at the scene of the crash before being airlifted to a hospital. His pleas were rebuffed with “We’ve got to sedate you, boss.”

When he woke up at the hospital, Gordon said he was on a ventilator and was hooked up to a catheter and several IVs.

Gordon said he removed the ventilator, IVs, and catheter, and walked out into the hallway of the hospital to the shock of staff.

When he demanded to know why he was on a ventilator, Gordon said the hospital staff told him he had Covid. Confused silence greeted his reminder that even if he had tested positive upon admission, ventilators were only for final-stage cases.

Gordon said he also demanded to know what was in the IVs he was hooked to, and was told fentanyl and morphine but staff refused to tell him who authorized it.

During Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s recent panel on Covid, registered nurse Nicole Sirotek shared horror stories of what she saw while working on the front lines amid the pandemic.

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