AZ lawmaker readies resolution to reclaim state’s 2020 electors

by WorldTribune Staff, January 27, 2022

State Rep. Mark Finchem said he is working on a resolution to reclaim Arizona’s 11 electors from the 2020 election.

“We have a mountain of evidence,” said Finchem, “and more is being delivered to Attorney General Mark Brnovich daily.”

Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem

“I actually have a resolution in markup right now,” Finchem told The Gateway Pundit. “This is historic. It doesn’t happen very often. In fact, in the history of our nation, this has not happened more than just a handful of times.”

Finchem said the evidence needed to reclaim the 2020 electors is “beyond clear and convincing.”

He added: “I was just reviewing some of the case law that supports the duty of the legislature to act. We have a duty. It’s not an option. It’s a duty.”

The Arizona Senate-led audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election discovered more than 700,000 ballot discrepancies.

Joe Biden reportedly won Arizona by less that 11,000 votes.

All evidence from the audit was presented in a public hearing on September 24, 2021, and delivered to Brnovich for further investigation.

Finchem’s announcement follows a Tuesday resolution by state Rep. Tim Ramthun to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electors. The resolution received a unanimous vote to advance in the state’s assembly.

Elections analyst Seth Keshel noted in a Telegram post:

Clearly, it is good news. But it is not by any means a final decertification, far from it.

Ramthun has more guts than 99% of all other Republican politicians combined and should be recognized for it. Robin Vos will be remembered throughout history for the gutless coward he is, as will all his allies, especially Republicans.

Every patriot in WI should take direction from Ramthun and turn up in droves to support every action the man takes.

WI may be further down the track of any state to making election history. It is now a matter of follow through, persistence, and popular support. We will see how bad the people want it, or if they’re content to have a 3:42 AM vote dump of 168,000 ballots, going 85-15% for JB.

David Clements added on Telegram:

The Wisconsin report on a resolution voted on unanimously was not false, but rather misunderstood by patriots that desperately want a decisive victory now. It’s a step in the right direction.

Rep. Timothy Ranthum was able to move a resolution to withdraw Wisconsin’s 10 electors to the Assembly Committee on Rules. The vote was unanimous. This was a small, but politically courageous move by Ramthun, who is being attacked by GOP leadership.

He is using an archaic process to get the issue to the floor for a vote. The Wisconsin Assembly has not passed Ranthum’s decertification resolution.

Rep. Steineke, a chair on the rules committee chair and RINO, has committed himself to killing Ramthun’s unanimously passed resolution to recall Wisconsin’s presidential electors.

If the resolution/bill is killed by Rep. Steineke as the Rules Chair, Ramthun could attempt to amend his resolution, and call for a floor vote.

Will RINOs support Ramthun’s maneuvering to accomplish decertification and vote according to the will of the people? Only time will tell.

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