Atypical: Republican in Florida ‘getting things done’ even on — horrors — ‘social issues’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 1, 2022

Republicans “have a nasty habit of ignoring social issues. They shunned to the back room objections to abortion, gay marriage and the transgendering of our children. Only wars and tax cuts seem to interest the Republican Establishment,” blogger Don Surber noted.

But, in the Free State of Florida, a Republican is “getting things done” on social issues, Surber wrote on April 1.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at CPAC 2022.

Gov. Ron DeSantis “is fighting covid restrictions, the sexualization of children in the classroom, and abortion. He’s led a Republican legislature to take on those social issues that Republicans warn Republicans not to mention because they may *gasp* lose an election,” Surber wrote.

This week, DeSantis signed into law Parental Rights in Education legislation which prohibits schools from indoctrinating students in kindergarten through third grade in gender ideology.

The legislation “has Democrats spitting mad,” Surber noted. “NBC quoted a lawyer who is suing DeSantis over the Parental Rights In Education, who said, ‘It is hard to imagine anything more offensive to our constitutional system than treating one group of school kids as second class based solely on who they are or who their parents are. This law cannot be allowed to stand.’ ”

Surber continued: “Oh it is very, very, very easy to think of something worse: Talking Dirty To Kindergartners. These loathsome people have no shame. 52% of Democrats said no when asked, ‘Should students in kindergarten through 3rd grade be taught about sexual orientation in the classroom by their teachers?’

“Johnny can’t read? Heck, he doesn’t even know his colors. But he knows that he wants to be a girl just like his teacher.”

Disney CEO Bob Chapek “is throwing a hissy fit over the new law. DeSantis may just have to put him in his place,” Surber wrote.

DeSantis and Florida Republicans are reportedly considering a repeal of the Reedy Creek Improvement District agreement which essentially allows Disney to act as its own government. The arrangement was created to attract Disney to Florida in 1967 and gives the company control over some operations like law enforcement and fire units.

“Disney has turned its corporate back on America. Revoke its self-governance privileges then,” Surber wrote.

PJ Media columnist Stephen Green is among a growing number of observers who see DeSantis as the future of the Republican Party.

Green wrote in a March 31 op-ed: “DeSantis has turned Florida into a safe space for conservative values. That was true during the COVID hysteria, and particularly now during the pro-grooming madness taking hold of everything from elementary schools to the massive Walt Disney Company.”

“With missteps so minor that I can’t recall a single one, DeSantis has proven to be a hyper-effective mix of two other Republican leaders — without their weaknesses,” Green added. “The first is former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. During his two terms in office, Walker showed a particular genius for going after the corrupt financial roots of Leftist power.

“What a shame that during his all-too-brief 2016 presidential campaign, he lacked that same killer instinct for party primary politics.

“The other is former President Donald Trump, whose unrelenting courage and energy made ‘He fights!’ the measure for every GOP candidate who followed in his wake.”

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