Arizona’s Lake would ‘finish Trump’s wall’ and stop illegals from ‘coming across’; Biden an ‘illegitimate president’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 21, 2022

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake said Arizona should not “take any cues from Joe Biden” when it comes to the crisis at the U.S. southern border.

Asked in an interview with Real America’s Dan Ball about Biden ending Title 42, a key border policy initiated by President Donald Trump, Lake responded:

Donald Trump has endorsed Kari Lake in the Arizona governor’s race.

“When I’m Governor, we’re not going to take any cues from Joe Biden. He’s an illegitimate president. We’re not going to take cues from him and have him tell us what to do. He’s driving this country into the ground, and I will be damned if I sit by as governor and let him drive this state into the ground.”

Lake said her priority as governor would be to “secure that border. We’re going to finish President Trump’s wall, and we are going to put armed Arizona National Guard on the border and stop people from coming across and send others back. We’ve got the narco-terrorists running the show right now, thanks to Joe Biden, and I don’t know why anybody’s listening to this guy. He shouldn’t even be in the White House.”

Lake, who has been endorsed by Trump, leads in the polls in the Republican primary, which will be held Aug. 2. Other GOP candidates are Matt Salmon, Kimberly Yee, Steve Gaynor, Karin Taylor Robson, and Jorge Rivas. If Lake gets the GOP nod, she would most likely face Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state in Arizona.

Lake said the Arizona is now “at ground zero. If we don’t have a border and if we don’t have honest elections, we don’t have a country. And I hate to inform people, we don’t have either right now. And this is why as governor, I will not take any orders from Joe Biden. He’s illegitimate. That election was a sham, and he’s trying to destroy this country. And we need to get all of the governors to start ignoring him. And frankly, I think we need to decertify that election.”

Asked about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s strategy of sending illegal aliens on buses to Washington, D.C., Lake said her plan is “even tougher than what Abbott is doing. It’s called defend Arizona. We’re going to finish the wall and we’ve got a mile-long pile of materials sitting at our border. We’re going to take those back from the federal government. They’re abandoned federal property. We’re going to take it back, finish Trump’s wall, we’re gonna send our national guard down, and we’re hoping other states, because this is a 50 state problem, will send us their National Guard. We can use as many men on the ground, boots on the ground, as we can possibly get to protect our border. And we’re gonna start sending people back. I think it’s kind of cute that they’re sending these buses around the country, but let’s face it, when we send a busload of illegal aliens into Washington, D.C., they’re still our problem. We’re going to send them back across the border. We’re going to give them safe passage back across the border, but they’re not staying in Arizona, and we’re not going to allow them to be shipped to the other states either. It’s not our problem. We’re not going to take on the world’s problems.”

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