Arizona’s Kari Lake used interview to indict media disinformation on 2020 election

by WorldTribune Staff, May 5, 2022

Americans have never “had all the answers” on the 2020 election because the media “is not reporting it,” Arizona Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake said.

“Media’s never reported our forensic audit fairly. They’re not reporting what’s happening in Georgia. They’re not reporting on these ballot traffickers that are being paid to drop off ballots,” Lake said in an interview with ABC News taped well in advance of this week’s premier of “2000 Mules”.

Kari Lake

Big Media also is not reporting on the Dinesh D’Souza documentary which provides what it says is evidence of massive ballot trafficking in key swing states during the 2020 election.

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During former President Donald Trump’s rally outside Phoenix earlier this year, Lake called the 2020 race “rotten to its core,” adding, “You don’t steal our vote” and just expect people to accept it. Trump has endorsed Lake.

Biden reportedly won Arizona by 10,457 votes.

In a September letter to the state’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann pointed out that the auditors found that Maricopa County overwrote the Election Management System’s security logs showing activity on the server.

“This was accomplished by churning more than 37,000 identical queries several days after the court ordered Maricopa County to produce the election materials to the Arizona Senate,” Fann wrote.

During a U.S. House hearing in October, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs pressed Maricopa County officials over their failure to turn over all the materials sought by auditors.

The county said many election database files had been archived and not specifically requested in the Senate’s subpoenas.

Biggs confirmed with Maricopa Board of Supervisors member Bill Gates that the archived files were not turned over to the audit team.

“They did not subpoena those. That is correct,” Gates said, drawing a chuckle from Biggs.

“OK, so you didn’t feel obligated to turn that over, then?” the congressman queried.

“We responded to the subpoena,” Gates reiterated.

Biggs then turned to Senate audit liaison and former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett for his reaction to Gates’ explanation.

“I find it frankly laughable to suggest that a county in response to a subpoena could say, ‘We will delete files from the hard drives and materials that we give to the auditors because we have those files archived on data that we did not give to the auditors,’ when the subpoena said, ‘Turn over all the records related to the election,’” Bennett said.

Arizona is one of the states highlighted in “2000 Mules” along with Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia as places where the alleged illegal ballot harvesting occurred.

During the ABC News interview, Lake predicted that the American people will eventually get the full story of what happened in the 2020 election.

She noted that outlets like ABC, CNN and MSNBC spun the false narrative that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.

“And now they’re doing the opposite. We have evidence of corruption in our election, and they refuse to cover it. They refuse to be honest with the people of this country,” Lake said. “When you’re lying to the people and you’re in media, that’s a bad business model.”

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