Appeals court backs forcing even private schools to bow before ‘the medical Moloch’

Special to, August 6, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

A federal appeals court on Aug. 4 upheld a 2021 Connecticut law that eliminated decades-long religious exemptions from childhood vaccination requirements for schools, colleges and day care facilities. While more and more parents are exiting the increasingly awful public school system these days, the law also disturbingly applies to private schools and day care centers.

The blue-dominated Nutmeg State has thus brought about the exceedingly ugly scenario of a small Christian school or day care being compelled to mandate vaccinations developed via the harvesting of fetal cells from a murdered unborn baby or face the full wrath of a progressive-dominated state legal system.

Make no mistake: this is a significant escalation in the enduring drive to force Americans to submit to an amoral Big Pharma colossus that is feverishly working to develop new vaccines for, well, pretty much everything.

Connecticut state Rep. Jack Hennessy opposed legislation which eliminates the religious exemption to vaccines for children. / Christine Stuart / ctnewsjunki

As World Tribune documented in November 2021 during the height of COVID hysteria, the Science wing of the progressive ruling establishment adamantly considers the harvesting of cells and tissue from murdered babies to be essential to the development of cutting-edge vaccines. The below excerpt from that column comes from a National Geographic article defending the indefensible:

The technocrats brag about the bounty of rich material that comes from JUST ONE murdered baby: Just one!

[Cell biologist Leonard] Hayflick, for instance, has frozen ten million human fetal lung cells — derived from one aborted fetus — in each of 700 glass vials after the original cell population had doubled seven times. Given their potential to continue doubling at least another 30 times, each vial can yield “tens of thousands of kilos of cells,” he says. “That’s enough cells to supply the world’s vaccine manufacturers with WI-38 cells for several years.” These lung cells are currently used to produce vaccines for varicella, rubella, hepatitis A, and rabies. Other scientists have transformed fetal kidney and retinal cells so that they become immortal, dividing forever. The PER.C6 cell line, for instance, is derived from immortalized retinal cells from an 18-week-old fetus aborted in 1985.

It goes without saying that American Christians and all other religious believers opposed to abortion have a fundamental right to refuse to participate in this grave evil. And yet Connecticut state officials will now busy themselves with monitoring every religious private school or day care center under their thumb to make sure they are indeed prostrating themselves before the medical Moloch.

Big-box newspaper The Hartford Courant on July 10 profiled how one Connecticut Christian assembly is struggling with the moral anguish:

The Milford Christian Church has yet to bow to the state’s COVID-era vaccination requirements, and its suit is pending against the state commissioners of education, public health and early childhood over what church members claim is a violation of their religious beliefs….

Milford Christian Church… operates Milford Christian Academy for kindergarten through 12th grade, and the Little Eagles daycare and preschool….

The church argues that “two of MCC’s fundamental principles and teachings of faith are relevant to this case. First, MCC teaches the sanctity of all life, and it holds as a doctrinal tenet of faith that life begins at the moment of conception. Thus, it holds and teaches that the abortion of an unborn fetus is the intentional, premeditated murder of an innocent and pure life.”

The crucial point to stress here is that no one is denying that cells harvested from an aborted baby are used in the development of childhood vaccines mandated by the state.

The church further argues, “There is no question that the Plaintiffs are entitled to the presumption of irreparable harm. They claim constitutional rights to freely exercise their religion, freely engage in speech, freely associate with each other, direct the rearing of their children, and to be treated equally under the law and that Conn. Gen. Stat. 10-204a and the Defendants’ conduct seek to deprive them of those rights.”

Nevertheless, the majority ruling authored by U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin implausibly stated that “legislators accommodated religious objectors to an extent the legislators believed would not seriously undermine the Act’s goals” by crafting a “legacy” provision keeping religious exemptions in place for students already enrolled in schools, allegedly making it less difficult to get medical exemptions, and providing “adequate information” about vaccines.

“These provisions demonstrate the legislature’s solicitude for the concerns of religious objectors,” Judge Chin ludicrously wrote, arrogantly shrugging off the deep-seated moral issue at the heart of the matter.

Chin also predictably cited a 1905 U.S. Supreme Court ruling repeatedly and erroneously used to back coercive vaccine mandates during the coronavirus hysteria in his ruling. He did not mention this about Jacobson v. Massachusetts:

In upholding the right of the state of Massachusetts to impose a vaccination, the authors [of a 2005 article published in The American Journal of Public Health, a peer-reviewed health journal] write, the U.S. Supreme Court did not give a green light to any and all measures of coercion:

The board of health was qualified to make that judgment, and, consistent with its own precedents, the Court said that it was the legislature’s prerogative to determine how to control the epidemic, as long as it did not act in an unreasonable, arbitrary or oppressive manner.

The original Massachusetts case involved a smallpox vaccine mandate that levied the equivalent of a $100 fine in today’s money to those who refused to submit.

A dissenting opinion by Circuit Judge Joseph Bianco deftly blows out of the water the main contention for eliminating religious exemptions, that there is an imminent risk of disease spread posed by unvaccinated children in schools that forced Connecticut to crush the religious liberties of its residents:

Although Connecticut asserts that this differing treatment between religious and secular exemptions was prompted by a substantial increase over recent years in the number of religious exemptions and an acute risk of an outbreak of disease, Connecticut fails to explain how forty-four states and the District of Columbia have maintained a religious exemption for mandatory student vaccinations without jeopardizing public health and safety. Connecticut also fails to articulate how having the “grandfather clause” in the Act that allows students with current religious exemptions to remain unvaccinated until they graduate high school (which could be over a decade if they were in kindergarten at the time of the passage of the Act) is consistent with its position that the elimination of the religious exemption was necessary to prevent an acute risk of an outbreak of disease among students.

Democrats in Connecticut were naturally elated by the ruling.

“This decision is a full and resounding affirmation of the constitutionality and legality of Connecticut’s vaccine requirements,” state Attorney General William Tong crowed. “Vaccines save lives – this is a fact beyond dispute. The legislature acted responsibly and well within its authority to protect the health of Connecticut families and stop the spread of preventable disease. We will continue to vigorously defend our state’s strong and necessary public health laws.”

First off, the efficacy of vaccines is more in dispute than ever in the wake of the coronavirus experimental jab disaster, which continues to claim countless lives due to blood clots, sudden heart conditions and an underreported explosion in cancer rates.

Secondly, Tong’s words smack of the heavy-handed rhetoric that marked the now thoroughly discredited coronavirus social tyranny. The sickening notion that “responsible authority” health officials have a right to trample upon the individual liberties of free citizens whenever they choose to declare an “emergency” to be in effect is the end of republican governance in America.

Now more than ever religious believers must have the courage to stand up against this assault on their consciences not only out of moral obligation, but simple self-preservation. A Culture of Death is demanding your compliance.

We’ll close with something we wrote in September 2021 when the COVID vaccine pressure machine was in full motion:

Whatever happened to the confident knowledge once possessed by Christians that you can’t get good juice from poisonous grapes? That something derived from evil will NOT produce results that are personally good for you.

Christians, and indeed all moral people of good will, used to instinctively understand this with a stout sense of certainty.

Now, driven by fear, many have been led to truly believe that human life cannot be sustained without injecting a mega-corporate product created via the harvesting of fetal cells into their bodies.

We know today that those who heeded this sound traditional logic saved themselves from a profound risk of serious health damage and even death. In Connecticut, they don’t want people to be able to make such wise decisions. Too much Big Pharma money is at stake. And it is not going to stop there.

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