Analysis: Biden’s 2024 strategy? Blame GOP for not fixing what he broke; Lie like there’s no tomorrow

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, March 14, 2024

The operatives running Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign have a pretty straightforward strategy that is also time-tested: Blame MAGA Republicans for not repairing everything he messed up, and lie like there’s no tomorrow.

And the Biden Team has no worries in carrying out this strategy as it has the Democrat-Media lying/deceptions machine, aided and abetted by Big Tech AI robots and algorithms merrily dragging Biden in “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style across the finish line, analysts say.

If Joe Biden is awake and his mouth is open, he’s probably lying, analysts say. / Video Image

The Biden team is using this strategy this week to address the ever-rising cost of housing, Washington Examiner columnist Byron York noted on Thursday.

The widely read newsletter Politico Playbook was used by Biden’s campaign operatives to roll out the administration’s plan. According to Politico, it is Biden‘s “personal preoccupation,” and his “secret policy obsession.”


“Given the importance of housing in American lives, it seems strange” that Biden “would keep his concern for the matter a ‘secret,’ ” York noted. “But there it is. Playbook tells a story from 50 years ago, when Biden was a young senator, and legendary Democratic Sen. Hubert Humphrey told Biden that to be effective, he would have to focus on a single issue and make it his own. Humphrey suggested Biden become ‘Mr. Housing,’ leading an effort to provide ‘decent housing in America for middle-class and lower-middle-class people and the poor.’ ”

Politico, with a straight face, stated: “Fast-forward a half-century: Biden is in the White House, and that long-ago advice seems to have taken hold.”

So Politico is saying it took 50 years, it being in a difficult election year only being coincidental, for the “Mr. Housing” label to have “taken hold.”

Now, Politico insists, an “obsessed” Biden is “using briefings to press senior staff on housing affordability, quizzing aides on mortgage rates and rental costs, and demanding details on the burden that inflation has placed on families’ monthly housing budgets.”

York noted: “Wait a minute. What president spent the last three-plus years making housing more expensive and difficult to obtain? You’re right — it’s Joe Biden! Now, though, as his general election campaign is beginning, and after a half-century of ignoring Humphrey’s advice, Biden has decided to become Mr. Housing.”

So, what will “Mr. Housing” do?

“He will point the finger of blame — at Republicans in Congress and his election opponent, former President Donald Trump — for not fixing the housing mess he, Biden, helped create,” York wrote. “Biden will take to the campaign trail and tell voters that it’s those big, bad Republicans, in thrall to Trump, who are keeping them out of an affordable home. Congress must act!”

One Biden ally told Politico Playbook: “Biden aides and allies believe that, over time, they’ll be able to neutralize their vulnerability on the [housing] issue and turn it back around on Trump. It’s going to be a contrast issue. I think Trump is going to be seen as a real estate billionaire who takes advantage of people. So I like that contrast message even more in September and October.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

“It is exactly what Biden is doing with the border crisis,” York wrote. “Mess things up and then blame Congress and Trump. Of course, Biden did not just help create the disaster on the border — he pretty much single-handedly created it. There’s no need to go through everything Biden has done to make the situation at the border infinitely worse, welcoming millions of illegal crossers into the United States. Now, in 2024 — as immigrants crowd blue cities, require expensive housing, food, and all sorts of aid, and also, in some cases, commit crimes — now, as all that comes home to roost, Biden is blaming Trump and Republicans in Congress for not passing an immigration bill he claims would fix the problems he created.”

Just last month, York added, “Biden had the chutzpah, or the gall, or whatever, to say, ‘Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.’ ”

York concluded: “It was a jaw-dropping falsehood. Now, you can expect the same sort of mess-things-up-and-blame-Trump-and-Republicans strategy on all sorts of issues.”

Screw ups and lies are easily glossed over or turned around on the other campaign when you have a team of media/Big Tech ready to clean things up at a moment’s notice, analysts say.

A White House official has insisted it was a “significant error” for journalists to report that Biden “willfully” kept and disseminated classified information when that is exactly what the Biden Justice Department’s appointed special counsel had concluded.

“Americans are being confronted by a painful reality that a Democrat-fed, taxpayer-funded media spin machine is increasingly creating false realities, untrue narratives and outright lies that are putting the country on a whipsaw rollercoaster where truth surfaces long after deceptive narratives or mistruths have affected elections or official actions,” John Solomon wrote in a March 12 analysis for Just the News.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told the “John Solomon Reports” podcast: “As long as you have a party in power, which believes in things it can’t be honest about, and which does things you can’t be honest about, and which exists off of corruption to pay off its allies, you have to assume that they’re gonna lie. Because if they tell the truth, they’re going to be defeated. And they’re not suicidal. And I think that’s at the core of what’s going on.”

Asked how to change the dynamic, Gingrich said: “I think you have to win the next election.”

Kash Patel, the former House Intelligence Committee investigative counsel who helped unravel the falsehoods of the Trump/Russia collusion narrative so widely accepted on the Left, told the “Just the News, No Noise” television show that the Democrats’ obsession with Trump has driven some to take the risk of spreading falsehoods just to defeat the former president.

Patel, a former federal prosecutor and chief of staff of the Pentagon, was accused by Democrats of misleading the public when he claimed Trump approved up to 10,000 National Guard to help protect the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. This week, his account was affirmed by multiple witnesses in a report released by Congress.

“The truth is it’s hard,” Patel said when asked about combating false narratives crafted in the nation’s capital. “It’s especially in this universe, in this sphere, that is the swamp, that is allergic to the truth because it destroys their political narrative of wanting to kneecap Donald Trump with disinformation campaign after disinformation campaign.”

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