‘American Republic will be lost’: Stark warning from former U.S. Pacific Fleet Director of Intelligence

by WorldTribune Staff, January 14, 2024

Team Biden’s open border policies are a fundamental threat to America’s national security “in ways not felt since the early days of WWII,” wrote former U.S. Pacific Fleet Director of Intelligence James Fanell in a blunt analysis that suggested the U.S. public is unaware of the gravity of the situation.

“Americans have not begun to comprehend the costs imposed on their society by the Biden administration’s open border policy. The gravity of the situation is unparalleled; It is, in fact, existential for the United States.

The Biden Administration’s open border policy “is being employed to change the U.S. from a constitutional republic to a tyranny dominated by a single political party, much like in Communist Party-led China.”

“Today’s open border will segue soon into other issues, compelling the American people to yield. Permanent one-party control will be the result, which will soon elide into tyrannical rule,” warned (Ret.) Capt. James Fanell, in a a Jan. 14 analysis co-authored with author and journalist Bradley Thayer for American Greatness.

By refusing to enforce U.S. sovereignty at the border, the Biden Administration has opened the nation to anyone to enter and do so anonymously, the analysis said.

“In this population of the many, many millions of people who have illegally crossed the border, there are — with certainty — criminals, agents of foreign powers, which undoubtedly include intelligence agents, potential saboteurs, soldiers, special operators, terrorists, and terrorist sympathizers,” Fanell and Thayer wrote. “Also entering the U.S. are human traffickers and narcotics of every type, including fentanyl and other even more potent synthetic opioids and other drugs.”

Biden’s team has given America’s enemies “the very tools they need to undermine the U.S. from within,” the analysts wrote.

Fanell’s unusually frank warning in February 2014 that China was preparing for a “short, sharp war” with Japan clashed with the talking points of then Pentagon spokesman John Kirby during the Obama Administration that emphasized a cooperative military relationship with Beijing. Fanell was reassigned within the Pacific Command but has continued to be a prominent and respected critic of U.S. policy towards China.

“Throughout history, America has fought its major wars with a secure home front. Even with a population of immigrants, it was difficult for our enemies in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union to infiltrate American society for two reasons: first, because America policed its borders and protected its citizens; and second, because of the inherent patriotism that Americans, even from these very same nations, felt towards their new adopted home. The same cannot be said for today, as we do not know who is in the U.S., nor do we have the same sense of patriotic responsibility as we did a half a century ago.”

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Legacy media plays an outsized role in the fact that many Americans have not begun to comprehend how the Biden team’s open border policy has the potential to alter the country if it is not stopped.

“What the American people are losing is their birthright — what has been bequeathed to them from the American Founders and from previous generations — generations that included millions of patriotic immigrants who aligned their loyalty to the Constitution, not a party,” Fanell and Thayer wrote. “American political ideology, culture, principles, expectations, and institutions are under assault as never before. Indeed, the very idea of the United States is being fundamentally transformed by this policy of open borders. The dominant American ideology of political liberalism is being replaced by a form of communist tyranny.”

The American people, the analysts noted, “have lost the expectation that their government is working for them. That it will provide a commonwealth that will advance their interests, which include life, liberty, happiness, and security for American citizens. Instead, the American people have an administration that is working to destroy what their forebears created: a free and stable country with a free-market economy and a vibrant civil society in a land of unsurpassed natural beauty that was the envy of the world.”

The Biden Administration’s open border policy “is being employed to change the U.S. from a constitutional republic to a tyranny dominated by a single political party, much like in Communist Party-led China,” Fanell and Thayer wrote. “The administration cannot do this alone. It has received substantial help. Its allies include a compliant and supportive media. Government officials who know laws and procedures are being violated and yet participate in law-breaking. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials that turn a blind eye because they support the administration or choose to acquiesce. Big city mayors and other officials of sanctuary cities now must incur the costs of those policies. A Republican Party establishment that is, de facto, controlled opposition and will never actually oppose the Biden Administration but is content to walk one or two steps behind them. The entities, including the airlines that transport and house illegal immigrants. International and domestic non-governmental organizations and nonprofits that ensure the machinery of illegal immigration continues without interruption. As this invasion becomes the issue of the 2024 presidential campaign, many more facilitators will be revealed.”

Fanell and Thayer conclude:

“The result of this industrial-scale lawlessness is the erosion of the rule of law and the evaporation of the American political contract between the U.S. government and the American people. For so many generations, Americans gave respect and support to their government because they knew it was working to advance American interests, the foremost of which was the common good of the American people.

“The American Republic will be lost. What the Biden Administration has done is appalling and in hostile opposition to America’s history and American political ideology, culture, values, principles, and traditions. The new Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and state officials, as in Texas, have to employ every measure they can to stop this lawlessness — everything is at stake.”

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