2020 still looms large as voters head to polls; Record early voting; Pence running

by WorldTribune Staff, May 24, 2022

As voters head to the polls in primary elections today, unresolved issues in the monumental 2020 presidential election are still making waves.

Georgia election integrity group has reported that 102 counties in the state were unable to produce drop box surveillance videos from the November 2020 election.

VoterGA said at a May 23 press conference that its team of investigators obtained admissions via Open Records Requests from 72 counties that all of the videos intended to monitor drop boxes were destroyed from drop boxes which contained 181,507 ballots.

Alleged ballot trafficker in Georgia taking photo of ballots before they are thrown in drop box in 2020.

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement on Tuesday: “FOR ALL GEORGIA VOTERS, THIS JUST OUT: 102 Georgia Counties CAN’T PRODUCE DROP BOX VIDEOS FOR THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Thus, video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots, approximately 18 times more than I need to have won the election in Georgia. A total of 1.7 million images were destroyed – not allowed! This is the Fault of Governor Brian Kemp & Secretary of State Brad R. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ON TUESDAY!”

VoterGA also reported that most or all digital ballot images, which are created automatically by the Dominion voting system used by Georgia, from 56 counties were unavailable. A total of 1.7 million images were destroyed.

“According to state and federal law, all elections records must be retained,” VoterGA said at the press conference. “In fact, federal law requires a 22-month retention period for election records while state law requires a 24-month retention period for election documents that are formerly considered to include videos or electronic digital files.”

Trump camp: Pence is ‘desperate to chase his lost relevance’

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who polls at near zero percent when it comes to the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has told The New York Times he is laying the groundwork for a run at the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich said Pence was “set to lose a governor’s race in 2016 before he was plucked up and his political career was salvaged. Now, desperate to chase his lost relevance, Pence is parachuting into races, hoping someone is paying attention. The reality is, President Trump is already 82-3 with his endorsements, and there’s nothing stopping him from saving America in 2022 and beyond.”

Pence on Monday was in Atlanta to campaign for Gov. Brian Kemp’s re-election. Trump has endorsed former Sen. David Perdue.

During an appearance in Iowa last month, Pence said he would not rule out running even if Trump also enters the 2024 primary. “We’ll go where we’re called,” Pence said.

Suppression? Record early voting in Georgia’s primary elections

Cries of voter suppression by Democrats and their Big Media allies were drowned out by record turnout in early voting in Georgia’s 2022 primary elections.

According to early numbers, 850,000 Georgia voters cast their ballots earl, a 168% increase over 2018.

Republican turnout outpaced Democrats by a margin of 406,388 to 299,232, according to the Georgia Recorder.

Democrat Stacey Abrams, who lost to Kemp in 2018 and is running again, claimed voter suppression led to her election loss last time around.

Now she’s complaining about high voter turnout: “We know that increased turnout has nothing to do with suppression,” Abrams said.

Georgia’s new voting law requires a drivers’ license or state ID number be listed to submit an absentee ballot to vote, among other new reforms. The state already required ID to vote in person.

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