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Lessons from the Zimmerman trial: How the world and juries work

O.J. Simpson (shown in 1990.)

Wesley Pruden The prosecutors of George Zimmerman need a refresher course in criminal law. If you’re a prosecutor and you believe you are putting an evil-doer away, first you have to convict him. This means proving he’s an evil-doer by proving who did the evil act. That’s not always easy, as we saw last week [...]

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Obamacare: ‘Fiasco for the ages’ will be one long, fun-to-watch train wreck

Sen. Max Baucus.  /Getty Images

Wesley Pruden Nancy Pelosi told us there would be days like this. The only way to find out what was in Obamacare was to pass it and see what happens. Congress passed it, the messiah signed it, and we’re beginning to see what happens. Barack Obama and the gang that can’t shoot straight aren’t having [...]

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Who needs the Fourth Amendment? Don’t you trust your government?

Pres. George W. Bush

Wesley Pruden Trust us. Would your government – and the private contractors your government hires to do the work – do anything bad? Snooping into the intimate details of the lives of everyone is not nice. Besides, it could be worse, and that’s all the proof anyone needs to see that it’s not really bad [...]

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Who is Samantha Power? What Americans should know about their new UN ambassador

Al Jolson.

Wesley Pruden A deep bow to our “friends” in the Middle East no longer satisfies Barack Obama’s White House. His new ambassador-to-be to the United Nations has a better idea. Samantha Power thinks the president should take a deferential knee. (It worked for Al Jolson, paying tribute to Mammy.) Mzz Power is nothing if not [...]

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Money can’t always buy Bloomberg love

Rep. Tom Cotton.

Wesley Pruden Michael Bloomberg obviously knows a lot about making money, even about the politics of Manhattan, where his money speaks in the loud and unctuous voice liberals love. But he doesn’t know diddly about life where the rest of us live it. He threw a tantrum after Barack Obama’s gun-control bill crashed and burned [...]

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Incompetence? Not such a big deal to the Ruling Class


Wesley Pruden There’s an immeasurably deep cleavage between left and right in America, illustrated vividly in the way Americans regard the Benghazi scandal and outrage. It’s in the DNA. Democrats generally and liberals in particular can’t understand what the noise from Benghazi is about, though they’re willing to concede that the deaths of the American [...]

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No smoking gun, but the smoldering consulate will not be forgotten


Wesley Pruden The Benghazi hearings have come and gone, and Barack Obama and the Democrats turn now to stuffing charge and countercharge down the memory hole. The lies the president and his men and (mostly) women told in the days after the great betrayal must be swept from sight. Can’t everybody shut up? The Democrats [...]

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Obamacare panic: The worthies who imposed it and can afford it don’t want it


Wesley Pruden When crunch time comes, when the chips are down, when the rubber meets the road – employ the cliché of your choice – Americans can put away their selfish concerns and come together in common cause. Even Congress, our only native criminal class. Deep in the bowels of the Senate and House Office [...]

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Reaching the bottom of the slippery slope

Kermit Gosnell.  /Photo by Philadelphia Police Dept.

Wesley Pruden We’ve finally located the terminus of the slippery slope. It’s on a side street in Philadelphia, in a modest three-story red-brick building, where a painted sign advertises dental, family planning, family practice, gynecological and physical therapy services. This is under an illustration of two happy parents, swinging a small child between them. But [...]

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Mocking Christians, but not for the fun of it

Christopher Hitchens.

Wesley Pruden Atheists think they’re on the march, “like a mighty army,” as a favorite hymn of the church describes the followers of the Christ, and this angers and dispirits many Christians, before, during and after Holy Week. The mockery of Christianity, and not just the ridicule of individual Christians, has even won the sanction [...]

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