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After 7 years everything Obama says about foreign policy is still wrong


Special to By Sol W. Sanders The confusion in the President’s thinking and strategy about the current terrorist crisis is frightening in its implications. As the tragic events in Paris confirm, surprise remains one of the most important aspects […]

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No, Ashton Carter, there is absolutely nothing Reaganesque about Obama policies

Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter at the Reagan Defense Forum.

Special to By Sol W. Sanders The Obama Administration’s utter strategic confusion, particularly in foreign affairs, was nowhere more exhibited than in Sec. of Defense Ashton B. Carter’s recent statements at the Reagan Defense Forum. Irony was added to […]

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The incremental road to hell: Obama might read up on recent U.S. foreign policy disasters

Defeated Americans flee Saigon in 1975.

Special to By Sol W. Sanders If there were one lesson from America’s tragic Vietnam encounter – and as some dead white man has said, all historical analogies are odious — it is that incremental approaches to war inevitably […]

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Yet another annoying and inconvenient truth from Benjamin Netanyahu

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini with Adolf Hitler in 1941. / Keystone / Getty Images

Special to By Sol W. Sanders Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done it again: he has repeated what any historian of the Middle East knows, that the so-called Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini, was a […]

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Like with the Jews last century, silence on the genocide of Christians

Pope Francis with Ron Lauder to his left.

Special to By Sol W. Sanders One of the many mysteries of the current political and media scene is the neglect which accompanies a growing worldwide Christian martyrdom, but particularly in the Middle East. Ancient Christian enclaves, some of […]

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Sayonara pro-U.S. conservative Stephen Harper; Canadian friend Ken Taylor, RIP

Ken Taylor, Canada’s ambassador to Iran who hid Americans in his residence during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, has died at 81.

Special to By Sol W. Sanders This column was written on Oct. 17. On Oct. 19, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals swept to power in Canada’s elections and Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his resignation from the Conservatives. Americans […]

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Severely damaged U.S.-Israel alliance awaits a growing Mideast crisis

The U.S. delegation was not present for Benjamin Netanyahu's address at the United Nations on Oct. 1.  / Mike Segar / Reuters

Special to By Sol W. Sanders Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under siege on several fronts. At this critical moment, the traditional close collaboration of the U.S.-Israeli alliance is troubled, not least by Obama Administration’s pettiness. That’s been […]

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Slavs vs Muslims: Putin’s Syria gambit and his rapidly expanding ‘Syria’ back home

Ramzan Kadyrov.

Special to Sol W. Sanders Hovering over Vladimir Putin’s reckless adventurism in Syria is the Muslim demographic shadow threatening his Russian Federation. The Russians’ mushrooming Muslim population is part and parcel of the Russian leader’s whirling-dervish act to try […]

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The grim 14th anniversary of September 11: America awaits a new, informed world view

This photo was taken from Rt. 27 moments after the photographer witnessed the American Airlines 757 jetliner crash into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. / Steve Riskus

Special to Sol W. Sanders Fourteen years after a massive and highly sophisticated attack on multiple critical targets in the United States from a foreign invader, the outlook is grim: The instantaneous rally of the American people in one […]

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Memo to Obama: Liberate those American sitting ducks in the Sinai

American peace-keepers with Task Force Sinai. / Sgt. Thomas Duval/Army

Special to Sol W. Sanders The announcement that four American soldiers were wounded on the Egyptian-Gaza border, and although not life threatening, have been evacuated is another sign of how far out of step U.S. policies and strategies are […]

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