Race on for counter-drone tech with rise in asymmetric combat use

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Democratic Taiwan: More important than ever after failed U.S. ‘pivot to Asia’

Tsai Ing-wen.

Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders Largely ignored by the mainstream media, the Jan. 15 Taiwan elections have enormous implications not only for the Island’s 25 million people, but for China – and the U.S. Ironically, the election of […]

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The shale revolution, propaganda, sheer idiocy and an abundance of energy

Drilling for oil in Texas’s Eagle Ford Shale. / Eddie Seal

Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders The Shale Revolution continues to wreak havoc as revolutions are wont to do. The abundance of U.S. natural gas, in many ways a more satisfactory fossil fuel than either coal or oil because […]

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Are Arab media correct? Is Obama really campaigning for top ‘messianic’ UN job?


Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders President Barak Obama repeatedly refers to the end of his time in office and claims he is no longer campaigning. There is more than a little ambiguity there, however, for his modus operandi […]

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Making politics fun again: Might we see a real Republican convention this year?

1920 Republican convention.

Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders Hooray! At this moment there is every expectation that the country’s voters and political aficionados are going to be presented with an old-fashioned open political convention. The upcoming early primaries in Iowa, New […]

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The president of the United States has lost his mind


Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders The mystery of what goes through President Barak Obama’s mind continues to grow apace. The theme of his latest press conference, before he took off for a Hawaii vacation stopping enroute to console […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 20 – Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and David Marshall: anti-hero and hero


Sol W. Sanders Following is an excerpt from People! Vignettes gathered along the way through a long life, by Sol Sanders, to be published later this spring by Lulu.com. Former Mentor Minister Lee Kwan Yew, 91, died March 23, 2015 […]

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The scandal of official silence as Christianity emerges as world’s most persecuted religion


Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders The lack of public outcry over the continued persecution and murder of Christians in the Middle East is a scandal of enormous proportions. Only a few websites devoted to possible rescuing these victims […]

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Idiocy: Wrong time, wrong place, wrong speech

Obama in Paris

Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders President Obama is known, of course, for his great rhetorical gifts. Few recent presidents have had his gift for gab, as it is said colloquially. But the speech he gave in Paris Monday […]

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Good intelligence, bad intelligence and ‘damn lies’

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.  / AP

Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders Some of those who pursue a lifetime career in the 17 intelligence sectors of our armed forces and the civilian agencies promulgate a good deal of goobledegook. As in all highly touted [and […]

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After 7 years everything Obama says about foreign policy is still wrong


Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders The confusion in the President’s thinking and strategy about the current terrorist crisis is frightening in its implications. As the tragic events in Paris confirm, surprise remains one of the most important aspects […]

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