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Fugitives: Turkey sent ISIL insurgents to Marseille while French police waited at Paris airport

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.  /Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com ANKARA — The French interior minister held talks here after Turkey sent three insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and then Levant to Marseille rather than Paris allowing them to escape. NATO has expressed increasing concern […]

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France begins air recon missions in allied war against ISIL

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian

Special to WorldTribune.com ABU DHABI — France has begun conducting air operations over Iraq. Officials said the French Air Force carried out its first reconnaissance operations over northern Iraq. They said the missions began on Sept. 15 in support of […]

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Russia’s navy is making waves in France

French Mistral-class helicopter carrier.

ST. NAZAIRE, France — Far from the sputtering conflict, the war of words, and the diplomatic jousting between Russia and the West over the future sovereignty of Ukraine, there’s a lucrative business deal unfolding in the French Atlantic port of […]

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France finds it’s in a lose-lose position on warship delivery to Russia

French Mistral-class helicopter carrier.

Special to WorldTribune.com By Miles Yu, Geostrategy-Direct.com France is clearly caught between a rock and a hard place on its scheduled delivery of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia. The carriers are being outfitted at a time when the entire Western world […]

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The great Africa switcheroo: U.S. policy is now ideological, while China’s is pragmatic

First Lady Michelle Obama greets French President Francois Hollande to a state dinner in his honor at White House in February.  /AP

Special to WorldTribune.com Gregory R. Copley, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs The global strategic framework has changed beyond recognition in the past decade, even if the majority of the world’s population cannot grasp it. The face of Africa, however, is changing […]

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Intel: ISIL sold crude oil to Assad regime, had covert ties with Iran

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius

Special to WorldTribune.com LONDON — France has determined that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was selling crude oil to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Officials said French intelligence has tracked ISIL sales of oil from the […]

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U.S. hits French bank with $8.9 billion fine for skirting sanctions on Iran, Sudan, Cuba


Special to WorldTribune.com WASHINGTON — The United States has imposed an unprecedented fine on a French bank accused of violating sanctions on Iran and Sudan. The Justice Department said France’s BNP Paribas pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions […]

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Officials: 700 French nationals fought in Syria, Al Qaida recruiting cell captured

French President Francois Hollande.  /Reuters

Special to WorldTribune.com LONDON — France has become the latest European Union member to capture an Al Qaida-aligned recruitment cell. Officials said authorities arrested four suspects in an Al Qaida-aligned recruitment effort for the war in Syria. The officials said […]

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Earthquake in the Eurozone: High turnout in European Parliament vote driven by anger

Marine Le Pen

Special to WorldTribune.com Charles de Gaulle once said: “Europe is France and Germany. Everything else is just the garnishes.” … While France rocked the Continent with a triumph for Marine Le Pen and her anti-EU National Front, German Chancellor Angela […]

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Pockets of economic recovery seen increasing global demand for oil in 2014


Special to WorldTribune.com LONDON — The global demand for oil was expected to increase in 2014. The International Energy Agency revised its forecast for global oil demand this year. The Paris-based agency, citing an economic recovery by several countries, said […]

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