Yield not to Ivanka’s ‘temptation’, scientist urges Trump

by WorldTribune Staff, May 1, 2017

An environmental scientist has written to President Donald Trump to urge him not to cave in to daughter Ivanka Trump on her global warming views and her call for the U.S. to remain in the Paris climate agreement.

Ivanka Trump is said to have advised her father, President Donald Trump, to remain in the Paris climate agreement.

Breitbart reported on April 24 that Dr. Duane Thresher, who has a PhD in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Columbia University, “says he understands the president’s temptation to listen to his daughter’s advice, but begs him not to give in to that temptation.”

In his letter to Trump, thresher wrote that “climate treaties like the Paris Agreement have little to do with climate. They are about economic competition. As the greatest economy in the history of the world, other countries will do anything to cripple the United States.”

“Countries like China will agree to anything in these treaties and simply ignore their obligations while demanding the United States fulfill theirs,” Thresher said, calling belief in global warming a “popular delusion.”

In his letter, Thresher also reminded President Trump of his campaign promises that led many Americans to vote for him.

“We who voted for you consider stopping this climate change madness one of your key promises,” Thresher said. “If you renege on it you will lose me and many others as supporters.”

“Climate science is one of the most fascinating sciences there is. To turn it into a lie for political purposes is a crime,” Thresher stated, before urging the president to stand strong in his convictions.

“Make climate science great again,” he wrote.